Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This Christmas

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a good Christmas, mine was pretty wonderful. John and I spend the weekend in Elberton with my family. John and I did our Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. We decided this year to do stockings. I think we will continue this tradition:)

John got me:

A super cute puppy calender
Several children's books to add to my collection
Winnie the Pooh stuff for our future nursery
A manicure set
Some spa stuff
Candy and specifically chocolate covered almonds
A new notebook
Some crayons and coloring books, because I'm still a kid at heart
Two Christmas books that have poems and Christmas quotes
A super cute snow globe

Santa Paws visited and Sophie got some goodies in her stocking too;)

After enjoying a breakfast casserole and coffee, we began packing and making our way to Elberton. Once we got there we enjoyed party foods with family (sadly, Brandi and Kayla were sick and unable to eat), John "generously" offered to eat their portions...lol. Every year me and my sister's do Secret Santa. This year I got Brandi. I made her a basket with a Barnes and Nobles gift card, book marks, pens, candle, calendar, and notebooks.

Brandi also drew my name and got me:
A beautiful crystal nativity
Gingerbread cookie cutter
Vanilla bubble bath
Reindeer ornament
Dr. Suess's how the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated version)

We then watched Chrismas movies and went to bed. The next morning was a flurry with cooking and getting ready to go to my great-grandmothers (Gg's). Before that we opened the rest of our gifts and stockings from mom.

Mom got me:
A stocking filled with candy, an ornament, other goodies
A brown cardigan
Beauty and the Beast
Edward Scissorhands
Pampered Chef biscuit cutter

At my Gg's we enjoyed a big lunch with plenty of food and desserts. We then opened presents.

Gg and Pawpaw gave us a beautiful card and money

Granny gave me a gift certificate to Union 28. Here's a link to their site, if you've never heard of them http://www.union28.net/ and 2 of the HP movies.

Overall, it was a great Christmas. I really enjoyed spending quality time with my family. We have been going through some changes and pretty rough stuff, but at least this was a time we could all enjoy. The snow was a great bonus too. My youngest sister had never seen that much snow in her life. She was so excited. (Check out our pics on fb.) My great-grandmother had always dreamed of a white Christmas, I'm so glad she got to see one.

The past few months have been hard, but God has really shown me that He is always by my side. I'm thankful for the lessons I've learned this year. I look forward to the year to come and growing even more.

<3 Anna

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