Saturday, April 24, 2010


So in my past entries I mentioned my biological dad and wondering about him...well to all my readers out there....lesson learned: Be careful what you ask for. I know, I have briefly mentioned interning with the Sparrows Nest in Athens...anyway, he came in there a few times in the past couple of weeks. I had my suspicions that he was homeless, because of things my mother had told me...I also knew there was a possibility that he could be in Athens...but to come face to face with him and have to keep up a professional demeanor was pretty daunting. I think I handled myself pretty well...but it was very awkward and I did not speak with him. So anyway, I got my answers on that front, and I asked my mother his parent's names---so I have those if I ever decide to track down my ancestry. It was pretty interesting to me how all this came about, but God works in mysterious ways.

Moving right along, the past few weeks for me have been filled with great emotions. I've experienced, I believe some of my more stronger moments as well as my more vulnerable ones. God has felt more alive to me than ever. It's a great thing to experience. I feel that I truly am where I need to be right now, and I haven't found that sort of comfort in a long time.

One final side note: My mom had her cat scan Thursday. The doctor does not think its a tumor, but he wants to see her next month. Right now her ear looks better, pray it continues to heal.

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