Thursday, August 22, 2013

11 months old!

Hey everyone!

Yep, it's that time again!

Sweet boy,

We can't believe you are almost a year old. Our hearts are filled with joy and excitement at all the changes and milestones that you are meeting...and yet, we find ourselves wanting to hold you a little longer. You are growing up so fast! We wish time would slow down!

You like:

  • Walking EVERYWHERE! You still crawl some, but you have realized that walking is the way to go.
  • Playing with everything. It's nice when you decided to actually play with your toys and not the things you shouldn't.
  • Your pull along toys (plane from Mrs. Christie and wooden car from mama and dada)
  • Your dump truck from mama and dada
  • Cars and little objects that you can hold on to.
  • Spending time with mama and dada.
  • People, especially girls! ;)
  • Making raspberry noises and spitting (mommy doesn't like the spitting. :/)
  • Animals
  • Music
  • Playing with your bath toys--We are still pretty thrilled that you are over your bath time phobia!
You dislike:
  • Diaper and clothing changes--anything that slows you down!
  • Loud noises
  • Being told no.
  • Having things taken away.
  • You sometimes have separation anxiety.
  • Performing---you don't like it when mommy tries to get you to speak or walk. 
  • The feeling of sand.
  • You are mostly walking now. You barely sit still.
  • You know how to flush the toilet now. Scary times!
  • You also know how to plug items in their sockets. 
  • You have 4 visible teeth now.
  • You eat pretty much everything we eat. (We chop up his food and don't give him any of the big allergy no-no's.)
  • You have three new words. (Hey, Bye, and Dog) Which makes a total of 5 in his vocabulary. ;)
  • As I said before your personality is showing more and more. You are a little camera ham. You love getting pictures taken and watching videos of yourself and other babies.
  • You are very happy more times than not. You love to play the "paci" game with mommy and sometimes dada too.  A funny thing that you will do is when I offer you your cup or food, you will spit your paci right out and grab for your food and stuff it in your mouth. It is pretty funny to watch!

We love you sweet boy! We feel so blessed to be your parents!


Mama and Dada

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