Friday, July 19, 2013

New Year Goals update! (Better late than never!)

Hey guys,

Since the flood, I've been a bit behind on everything! This includes posting on here. I have many posts that I want to share with you even if they are behind schedule! So bear with me!

So here is my progress with my goals:

*Read 10 books this year.  I have read 6 books so far and according to Goodreads, I am 1 book (5%) ahead of schedule! Yay! :)

*Get my life and household in order. This one is sort of funny because of the kind of turned everything upside down, but we are headed in the direction of normal! ;)

*Get in shape.  I'm pretty proud of my progress here. I have had quite a few disruptions in my life lately and yet I keep picking the ball back up and getting back in the game. Go Pink Method! I feel so awesome after a workout and I always feel better about myself. :) I think my biggest challenge is being a foodie, but I'm learning to love fruits and veggies more and more and incorporating them more into my diet.

*Get more involved. This is probably the biggest challenge since my husband and I are both introverts, but we are working on figuring out what our niches are.

*Craft more. I think here lately, I've been more crafty in the kitchen than anywhere else. I hope to make some things for D's upcoming party. So that should help. :)

*Start writing again.  Yep, that one still needs the most work.

Anyone want to share their progress with their goals this year? Remember be intentional!

<3 anna

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