Monday, June 24, 2013

Tooth Tales

Hey all,

 As I stated in Declan's 9 month post, our little mister has teeth. (Finally!) They are slowly, but surely making their way out and it's making for a grouchy boy. Mommy is especially happy for nap time now. ;) I can't blame him, it's not fun having teeth pushing out of your gum line. :/

Here is a teething timeline from They have some great info there on baby teething and what to expect. :)

Oral hygiene is very important and so we are trying to establish a good routine with Declan. It doesn't seem to be a problem thus far!

D loves brushing his teeth. He even cries when I take the toothbrush away. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will always be this way. Hey, I can dream right?! ;)

He is also enjoying the benefits of his new teeth. This is from his first spaghetti supper with ma-ma and da-da. :)

Do any of you have teething babies or remember the days of teething?

<3 anna

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