Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's up with all this apathy?

Hey guys,

Today I want to share with you all about a trend that seems to be growing pretty rapidly and it very much disturbs me. This trend I'm talking about is a complete and total apathy for just about anything! Merriam-Webster defines apathy as 1: lack of feeling or emotion, 2. lack of interest or concern. Some days I wake up and I feel like everyone took a pill and decided not to care about anyone or anything anymore. I find myself jumping on and off this bandwagon and it disgusts me. I would like to think on my good days that I'm a compassionate and caring person. (Notice I said on my good days.) But I know that I easily get distracted by the world and all the self absorption. Which leads me to feel massive amounts of guilt because being self absorbed is a nightmare to me. I want God to work in my heart. I want to care about other people. I want to support worthy causes and do the things that God calls me to do and all for His glory. Not mine. Reminder to self: Not Mine!

Okay, let's back up and get back to that definition above. One example, which may sound small, but I think could potentially be meaningful is holidays. Yes, you heard me. Holidays. I have noticed more and more people express their opinions (which they very much have a right to) about how they will not celebrate X holiday because insert explanation. Before I go any deeper into that, please do not misunderstand this post. I have specific holidays that I celebrate or don't celebrate or celebrate in a certain way. I'm not condemning anyone for what they choose to do. This is just an example. I recently, saw a status from one of the mommy pages I follow on Facebook. I don't remember what page it was or specifics on the status, but the comments very much stuck out in my mind. A couple of women were talking about how there shouldn't be a Mother's Day and that moms shouldn't be given gifts for Mother's Day. Moms should just "do their job" and not expect anything in return, etc. While I understand this idea, I don't agree with it. I understand that the card company's make lots of money on these holidays. I understand that the florists probably roll up their sleeves and get very excited about the money they may bring in for the holiday. I get all of that and I get how commercial it has all become. But honestly, a holiday is what you make of it. A holiday does not have to be about flowers, cards, candy, etc. It can be something made from the heart. It can be a simple gesture. A hug. A slobbery baby kiss. A quiet moment in bed with your loved one after a long day. It doesn't have to be about the money. It doesn't have to turn into this monster that causes everyone to just stop celebrating all together.

Another example, of this apathy is in social media. Don't get me wrong social media is a beautiful thing. I use Facebook, a lot for the blog and for keeping in touch with family. (My side of the family is in GA and John's is in VA and we have some scattered all throughout the south.) The bad thing comes when people waste tons of time on Facebook and other social media sites.  Just like anything else, Facebook and other social media sites can be used for bad. People berate others for not agreeing with their way of thinking. They spread gossip and say hurtful things about others. It's just a nasty cycle to get involved with and I certainly don't encourage it.

I love to see people encouraging one another, supporting worthy causes, writing on a friend's wall or tweeting to them, just to say hi. You don't know how that friend's day is going and you could have shined some much needed light. An even better idea, go see that friend if you can or give them a call. Let's really go crazy and send a card or write a fun letter. Instead of taking a general disinterest in life, why don't we do something radical and start caring again?! I think we might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

So how do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be the light?

<3 anna


  1. I love reading your blogs.

    I must admit, I become very apathetic when husband is deployed. Life just isn't as fun without him here to share it with.

    I wonder if apathy is sometimes mistaken for depression and could be an explanation as to why so many people are mediated. Just a thought.

  2. My apathy is due to my "mental illnesses" i.e. depression, anxiety, and now, quite possibly bipolar disorder. I just want it to go away! :(


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