Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013!!!

Hey guys!

 So last summer, I started a Summer Bucket List. I didn't get very much crossed off, but I am giving myself a break because--"Hey, I was super pregnant." lol. This year, I hope to do more of these, especially the free stuff. I have found that some of the best memories you can make don't cost a thing or cost very little. (I also know that some things are worth splurging on, but I'm not going to mislead any of you in thinking that we don't live on a I don't care how much you make, everyone needs a budget, but that's a song and dance for another day. ;)

To add to the fun, I'm linking up this year with:

So without further, adieu...My Summer Bucket List of 2013!!!

  • Visit the Ivey Arboretum and Carolina Park. 
  • Visit the Hickory Art Musuem (We have done this a couple of times already, but they get a new exhibit every so often.)
  • Visit Glen Hilton Park
  • Go to the library (I definitely want to read more this summer. Declan's bed time is becoming my reading time.)
  • Visit Downtown Hickory, we haven't done this much other than going to the Farmer's Market.
  • Check out a local festival. I love festivals they are so fun and a great way to spend a day!
  • Visit the Science Center. (We went last summer and I think Declan will love it! Fridays are free! :)
  • Visit the Catawba History Museum.
  • Visit the Western NC Air Musuem.
  • Visit the Ashe County Cheese Factory (Who here doesn't love cheese?! lol)
And I could go on with this list.

Here is my list from last year:

  •  Eat breakfast outside 
  • Try a “new” to us fruit
  •  Go out for ice cream
  •  Go to the zoo 
  •  Go to the Farmer’s Market 
  •  Go swimming
  •  Go on a hike
  •  Make homemade lemonade
  •  Go stargazing
  •  Go to a pick-your-own farm
  •  Go to a “new to you” park
  •  Family Game Night
  •  Cookout 
  •  Make ice cream sundaes
  •  Go on a scavenger hunt
  •  Catch lightning bugs 
  •  Fly a kite
  •  Go on a picnic
  •  Go to a museum
  •  Visit a nature center
  •  Make suncatchers 
  •  Make smores
  •  Eat watermelon 
  •  Make fresh salsa
  •  Watch a fireworks show
  •  Go to a baseball game 
  •  Play mini golf 
  •  Write a letter
  •  Paint
  •  Learn to sew
  •  Be a tourist in your own town
  •  Go to a movie
  •  Make a scrapbook/photo album of all your summer fun
  •  Go to a drive-in-movie
  •  Visit a petting zoo
  •  Water balloon fight! 
  •  Build a fort
  •  Go geocaching
  •  Draw with sidewalk chalk
  •  Catch caterpillars and watch them grow
  •  Read!  
  •  Make a summer cocktail
  •  Make a tie-dye shirt
  •  Get a puzzle to do together with a summer scene
  •  Visit the pool
  •  Play Frisbee
  •  Family Moon walk
  •  Make homemade pretzels
  •  Get a funnel cake
  •  Overnight staycation
  •  Ride in a canoe/paddle boat
  •  Go bowling
  •  ABC Photo Walk 
  •  Canning/preserving  
  •  Beach 
  •  Flea market 
  •  Breakfast for dinner 
  •  Make “fairies” in a jar
  •  Late night diner run
  •  Movie marathon 
  •  Arcade 
  •  Make a working volcano  
  •  Make iced coffee
I bolded some of the ones that I hope I can actually fit in this summer. ;) I also crossed the ones that have already been accomplished this year. 

Here are some more fun ideas found on Pinterest:

So what is on your summer bucket list? (Don't forget to link up with Whit of Black Little Button.) :)

<3 anna


  1. we did this last year with the kids. It was a great way to keep track of and remember the things we wanted to do. Good luck with yours this year.

  2. I haven't even thought about Summer yet! I totally need to get to writing my Summer bucket list. Yours sounds fun, I'll definitely be copying some of your ideas. :D

  3. I love your bucket list! What fun ideas!!! We have a farmer's market about 1/2 a mile away from us. I need to make a point of going more often! IT's always so nice to get fresh produce to enjoy! Another one is to go to movies in the park more (they're free!) I love summer time!!

  4. p.s. Message me your address! You won the ring bling game giveaway!

  5. great list. It's amazing to me how many fun free things there are to do. Hope the rest of your week is awesome

  6. You have quite this list! That's awesome! I love it and I hope you can accomplish everything this summer! :)

    Thanks again for linking up!


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