Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rainy Day Blues

Hey all,

 Last week, was a tough week for Declan and I. Declan spent his awake hours screaming to be held and then wanting to be put down, only to start screaming again. He seemed to find peace only in sleep. I know the reason for this. He is still teething (Who knew it took this long? I think I missed that in some of my reading.) and he, unfortunately, took after his mother and father and has bad allergies. (This crazy weather hasn't helped. It has been raining nearly non-stop here since Thursday and it has been chilly for May.) I'm doing all I can for him, but I know it's no fun. John and I have been stuffy too. I'm praying for better weather soon. It's a recipe for allergies, colds, etc. Also my poor dog is depressed. I feel so bad for Sophie, she just lies around all mopey and hasn't eaten much. (Part of this is my dog is spoiled rotten and has gotten bored of her dog food. lol)

So what to do to cure the rainy day blues?

Reading and lots of it. I'm currently reading: The Hobbit (pictured above),   Eyes Wide Open  by Ted Decker (not pictured),  Intentional Blogger an ebook by Nikki Hughes and Leigh Ann Dutton, Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder (reading this one to Declan also not pictured) as well as his bible, my bible, and other children's books.

Watch movies and tv shows on Netflix, as well as our own collection.

Crafting and art projects with Declan like this Valentine( 2-14-13) we made for his grandparents. :) The Big Mister and I thought it would be great to personalize this even more with a picture of some of the messy fun we got into. ;)

What do you like to do on rainy days?

<3 anna


  1. I curl up in bed or on the couch and watch tv on rainy days! Of courses, we get so many rainy days here that you can't just lounge around watching tv all day, ha.

  2. Oh, you poor thing. This shall pass as well. I remember those days/nights. The only that helped my son was turning on dance music and dancing with him in my arms rocking him and singing. I had never felt so tired after hours of that. He still loves music to this day! :)

  3. That stinks, I hope things get better soon. We all have pretty bad allergies around here too, I give the little ones Benedryl when their noses won't let them sleep.


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