Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A trip to LaLau Land and Blog Design Reset

Hey everyone,

First off, I wanted to thank those who have complimented me on my new blog header. It is one of many changes you will see on the blog. My friend, Laura of LaLau Land, was kind enough to take the time to use pictures and discuss colors that would fit my personality. I think it turned out just beautiful and a perfect representation of my life. Laura is now hosting a giveaway on her blog for some pretty sweet prizes including 1st prize your very own personalized header design! :) How great is that?! So be sure to click on the link above and enter before this giveaway comes to a close. If you would like to learn more about Laura, check out this interview I did with her awhile back.  ***Also just for my readers, if you comment and say that you came from my blog, you get an extra entry into her giveaway. It's good to "know" people. ;)***

Back to the changes, here are just a few things I'll be working on in the coming months:

New blog button---I love the current one, but I also want to try my hand at making one myself. 

Bloggy Organization---getting my pages, link-ups, posts, etc. organized.

Networking---I am currently networking through Thankful Thursday. I love it and don't plan to add further networking past that. I have gotten too bogged down with that in the past and I don't want to lose myself in networking again. I chose Thankful Thursday because it's a breath of fresh air each week and the bloggers that I have "met" through it have been just so sweet and amazing! They follow back and actually comment. It's also nice to hear from some of the bigger blogs---blog size doesn't matter to me, but sometimes being a small blog, it's nice to hear from the blog celebs. ;)

And Much more!!! Stay tuned!!!

<3 anna

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  1. Love the new header and blog look! It looks great!


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