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Getting to Know You with Laura W.

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Today I'm sharing a blog interview I did with Laura W. Laura and I actually met and are friends outside of blog world. We don't get to see each other very often, but when we do it's a fun time catching up. :) Hope you enjoy this post! If you would like to learn more about Laura, check out her tumblog, here and she also has a Cafe Press shop.

Q: First, share with us the origin of your blog.

A: My blog began in 2007 as an online journal.  At that time, I had never really heard of blogging beyond MySpace, so most of my posts could easily have been the basis for some "I got the blues" song had I chosen to write them.  My blog somewhat grew up with me.  I still love to write, and enjoy being "real" with my readers, but it is more photographs and artistic today than it used to be.  I have made two moves in the last four or five years as changing my blog's location helped me to grow out of some fairly immature things I was doing with my blog.  It's been quite the journey, but I hope that I've kept most of my readership.

Q: What is the goal or purpose of your blog?

A: When I first started out, I think it was simply that I wanted to be heard.  Everyone needs a voice of their own, but so many people get overlooked, and I neither want to be one of those people, nor do I desire to leave anyone else out.  Today, my motto is likely best defined as "Be real -- or else".  I want to be blatantly honest with everyone around me, not only about my own lifestyle, characteristics, and things I love.  Not only that, but I want to be a voice for minorities everywhere.  Sometimes it's not as pretty or painted up as folks might prefer, but I'd rather be honest and it unintentionally hurt a few people than to lie and lose everyone.

Q: Has anything changed since you started blogging? Life-wise? Style? Posts?

A: Oh yes, definitely.  I think that in today's world, it's often difficult to have a positive attitude and outlook.  Especially when one goes through a great deal of change, or worse yet, when the changes they face aren't always uplifting experiences for them.  Many within our generation do not even believe in the God they once served simply because they didn't sense His presence when they felt they needed Him most.  When I first began blogging, I had a few really neat posts, which I've kept and re-posted in my newer blogs.  However, I found that most of my blogs weren't all that positive.  In addition, I learned that while I mean what I say, everyone else doesn't always hear what I meant.  Because of those realities, I've taken a bit of a high road in my writing.  I still love to write, and I wish to continue it, however, there are more important things I can say in fewer words, and it's a lot of fun exploring other forms of communication.

To be a little more specific, everything mentioned above changed.  I mean -- I've been blogging off and on for just over five years.  A lot has happened in my life.  I'm married now, trying to balance my life out between the things I love and the things I might not like but need to be cheerful about anyway.  My most recent style change has been that I do more photos.  I decided to do a Photo-a-Day theme and talk a little (sometimes a lot) about the day, or about the photo if there was a story behind it.  And then Instagram came to Android devices and now I'm addicted...

Q: Do you generate income from your blog?

A: I would like to, and I do attempt every so often, but I'm apparently not very good at my attempts. 

5. If so, how?

Q: If you answered yes to 4, share the websites that you have been most successful with.

A: While I didn't answer yes to the fourth question, I will say that I think is a very successful site.  I have some of my own things there, and I look forward to doing more with that in the future.  I would prefer to have a greater following before I dive into selling things through my blogging, though.  I also recommend to a lot of bloggers as a way to sell your things a little indirectly.  It's also a neat way to coin your own phrases and generate more readers as well as a little moolah.

Q: What is your favorite thing about blogging?

A: The people -- my 'fans' -- few though I believe them to be.  I also think it's a wonderful way to share your life as a "normal" (whatever that is) person while also generating a small dose of feel-good-fame for yourself.  It feels so amazing when even just one person comes to me and says, "Wow, that was a really moving post".  I'm truly floored by those little moments when someone brags on my posts even a little bit.  I look back at my posts and think, "Really?  My post did that much for this person?  Wow.  What an honor."  It's moments like those that open my eyes every morning.

Q: What is your least favorite thing about blogging?

A: That day when you go to your Feedburner and it's flatlined.  Because no one's reading.  No new subscribers.  Nada.

Q: How much time do you devote to blogging?

A: I would say a lot, although much of what I've done lately is Instagram.  I like finding beauty in the world around me, or just things that interest me and snapping a random picture.  Instagram gives me a way to share my day without necessarily putting it into words.  I link all Instagram photos back to my blog, so they're automatically posted, which makes for a lot of time spent blogging -- without ever visiting the blog.  

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

A: I want to be the change God seeks in our world today, and encourage others to follow that change.  I want to help people each day and be a positive force within their lives, no matter what I or they go through.  While my blog is for me in that it helps me cope, I want to also share enough of myself with others that it puts a smile on their faces.


Now for some fluffy fun questions:

Q: What is your favorite color? (Sorry had to...I think this actually does give insight to a person)

A: Indigo / purple.  I also love deep reds and black, though neither is my favorite.

Q: What is the first thing you notice about a person?

A: Their 'presence' and their eyes.  To clarify, when I say "their 'presence'", I don't mean the fact that they're there.

Q: Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? (What is the deal with the hype on this book? I'm so in the

A: Heard of it, but I haven't read it, so I'm just as in the grey (haha... grey...ooohhh meeee) as you.

Q: What is a typical day like for you?

A: Typically -- I spend my day doing crafts, any number of chores (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, handling finances), caring for our pets (particularly walking the dog).  I try to come up with exciting dinner options and dance to music while I cook them, if I have all the ingredients.  Then there are the nights when the dishes are piled high in the sink, so I face the music rather than listen to it.

Currently -- I am staying with family temporarily while my hubby is working toward his re-enlistment, so if the above seems non-typical for me, now you know why.

Q: What are you currently reading?

A: I'm currently reading a book by Cesar Milan entitled Cesar's Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog. For funsies, though, I'm also reading the Law of Lycan series by Nicky Charles on my Nook.

Q: Who is your current celebrity crush?

A: Gerard Butler.  Unless we're talking WWE, in which case it's going to be Triple H.

Q: Are you allergic to any foods or medications?

A: Why?  What are your plans for me?  None as of yet, although there are some I refuse to take.

Q: Outdoors or Indoors?

A: Half and half.  I like them both.

Q: Beach or Mountains?

A: I prefer the mountains myself, but the beach is nice during seasons when I don't see jelly fish, sharks etc. 

Q: Name something you couldn't live without.

A: His name's Drew and I have to live without him more than I'd like.

Q: Name something you could live without, but makes life oh so much sweeter. ;)

A: My phone.  Which is usually found under me, wadded up in our blankets, or if I'm really preoccupied with my beverage, the fridge.

Q: Share something out of the norm that you swore you would never do....but did!

A: I think I told my mom I'd never drink.  Now my beliefs regarding that are different.  Oh yes.  I am daring.  I also never thought I'd say cuss words.  Just goes to show just how much life has changed over the years.

Q: Are you an animal person?

A: Well... let's just say that I'm very surprised my husband hasn't started a daily pocket / pant / shirt / house check for any random puppies or kitties I may have acquired while he was working...  It's probably a miracle my mom never did either.

Q: What's your favorite season?

A: Winter.  I like the other seasons, too... but winter is awesome because I know it will never get too hot.

Q: Glass half full or half empty?

A: Y'know, you'd think that a complex of a mind as I have I'd know which one my glass is... but I still don't get this question.  Seriously, if someone holds my future child for odd ransom and this is the question that saves them, I'm going to be like, "Uhm... sweetheart -- you know Mommy loves you right?  Glass.  Full.  Empty.  Half... May I see a demonstration, please!?"

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