Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Watch 2012 Continues...

Hey guys,

So I want to thank everyone who volunteered to do guest posts for my blog. You guys rock and I appreciate each and every one of you. I was thinking the next time I made a "real" post (besides the weekly pregnancy updates) I would be juggling life with an infant. Well that is not the case. Declan has decided to hang around a bit longer. He seems fairly content where he is for now. So I figured I would just go ahead and update. So as of 6:08 pm on September 20, I am still playing the waiting game.

 Today, I went for a check-up and everything looks good. I'm having contractions, but they are still weird and irregular. It was kind of crazy, my midwife was listening to D's heart beat and she said you just had a contraction...I didn't even feel it. She said I'm most likely in the very early stages of labor---the pre-game is what I would call it. :)

 Tuesday, I will be 41 weeks. If Declan hasn't decided to come, I will be headed back to the doctor's office. I will have a non-stress test, ultrasound, etc. We will then discuss what needs to be done next. So keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

 With that being said, I will continue updating with pregnancy highlights, but the blog will be on hiatus other than that. I hope to be back up and running in a month. (After D has come and we have time to adjust to one another.) I will be sure to give you guys at least one newborn picture to awww over. ;)

<3 anna


  1. Can't wait for the picture! Come on Declan! We are ready ( I'm sure mama is too)

  2. My mother would have advised you to go for a long brisk walk (with a car handy to rescue you) to bring it all on - no doubt just an old wives' tale... Best of luck.

  3. Good luck! I hope Declan gets here soon, if he hasn't already!! :)


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