Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Art and Science

Hey guys,

Last week, John and I visited the Hickory Art Museum and Catawba Science Center. The Hickory Art Museum is open free to the public and the Catawba Science Center was only $4 for us, because of John's work discount...yay! It was a fun day and I thought I would share with you some of the pictures from the trip. :)

The following are some of our favorites from the art museum. I took several pictures of paintings of cardinals (they make me think of my gg. Here's two of them. :)

This mural was used in a restaurant.

I love this artist, Minnie Reinhardt.

These wooden sculptures were pretty neat!

And here starts the Science Center pics. I just loved the turtles!

and the cool dude! 

"sun" bathing

hermit crab!

Just love this colorful tank!

It's Nemo!

Sea favorite <3 td="td">

Quick pic while we wait for the planetarium show---"Summer Star Series"

I thought this was an appropriate pic considering I'm always hot...not sure if you can read the sign but it says "Mars may look like a hot desert but it's cold, cold, cold." I'm thinking Mars sounds nice, right about I'm 35 weeks here!

The dinosaur exhibit---this will sadly end in September, but I'm very curious about what will come next!

John digging for fossils. I look forward to bringing Declan here, it was a great place for kids.

horse shoe crab

John playing with the rocket.

He's one big kid! lol
We had a great time and look forward to returning, especially with Declan! :)

<3 anna PS. Please check out this post also! :)

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