Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hey guys,

I could really use some advice! John and I really wanted to do the classes offered by the hospital, but due to time constraints, work schedule, and's just not going to happen. So please feel free to share with me any books or dvds on parenting, lamaze, birthing techniques, breastfeeding, etc. (Anything important or relevant to delivery and after birth)

I'll love you more than I already do! Thanks!

<3 Anna


  1. I would definitely check out anything you can on the Bradley method. That's what I had wanted to do, but things kind of became crazy before Balian came (lol!). Here's their website. The FAQ page has a list of books to check out as well.

  2. first off congrats!! (im a new follower!)
    When I was pregnant didn't do any classes or anything...I just read the "What to Expect when you Expecting" book hehe.
    good luck tho!

  3. it's been so long since I was in this place, but I do remember my daughter was able to have some one on one appt with a labor coach. she also had a doula through her midwife/ but she was using the birthing center and not the hospital. still, its worth checking into about a lamaze teacher meeting with you privately. also now is a good time to research la leche leaders if you plan to breast feed. good luck!!

  4. We didn't do any of the classes. We did arrange for a tour of the hospital, but that was it. I just went to the bookstore and looked thru all of the pregnancy/birth books and found one that looked like it had a lot of information, pictures, etc. Honestly, I read through it, but once the time came, it was all forgotten and I went with my own instinct.

  5. If u can do the soothing techniques type class it was worth it. Or at least read up on different methods to soothe a crying baby and different ways to hold them to releive gas.

  6. For the birth, I'd say try to look up some stuff on the net. Look up the common things that happen during birth and the different medications and procedures, their risks and benefits. It's good to go in educated. And I liked Ina May Gaskin's books because it took a lot of the mystery and fear out of labor/birth for me. As for childcare, none of the books really tell you anything, you learn that by experience. For breastfeeding, make sure you see a lactation consultant and don't let them use artificial nipples so the baby doesn't get confused about how to latch onto the breast. I think reading helped prepare me somewhat, but nothing really prepares you for parenthood. Each baby is different and you're going to have to learn as you go.

    1. (They have lactation consultants at the hospital, you just have to make sure they send one into see you. Even if you think breastfeeding is going well, I'd doublecheck because they have some great tips, and make sure you have a good latch that's not going to make you sore.)

  7. Hi, I'm a new reader. My best advice would be to take it easy! If you feel you need to know about something, Google is your best friend!! I found a whole set of Lamaze exercises to do at home completely free on the net. As mentioned by a previous poster, your instinct is your best judge in most situations! Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

  8. Breathing is really the main thing - if you can take a prenatal yoga class, they teach you how to breath. Highly recommend taking a hospital tour if you can though; it's helpful to know where things are before so you guys can find your way around.


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