Monday, July 16, 2012

The Harrison's Visit!

Hey guys!

I hope you all made it through another Monday. It's hard getting back into the grind after such a fun weekend with friends! Everything didn't go exactly as planned, but we had a blast anyway!

Friday: Our friends arrived and we enjoyed a dinner at Panera bread...yum! Declan sure does love a good sandwich! After dinner, just us girls headed out for a bit of shopping. Stephanie and I headed to Old Navy and got me two new comfy shirts and a cute grey skirt, a nice belated birthday gift. She also got some really cute stuff as well. We then checked out the local Christian store and Target. (During this time the boys enjoyed some gaming and talking time.) We ended the evening with Stephanie making chicken salad and I making some Magic! lol (A super simple recipe)

Saturday: We got up bright and early for the Scentsy event in Concord. We enjoyed a breakfast of sausage biscuits and gravy...tasty! We got all checked in for the event and soon discovered that there was some HUGE communication issues. Apparently, there were already two reps at the event and the show allowed all  three of us to sign up. A big no-no. My table was right next to one of the reps. I talked to her and she was very nice and I was able to make a contact. Thankfully, I was able to get my money refunded, but the day definitely did not go according to plan.  The nice rep. I talked to actually had an unpleasant experience with the other rep. and the event wasn't what she had hoped for. I'm so thankful that God placed me next to this nice lady and that I was at least able to make a good contact. I feel sad that she had such a poor experience. I hope that in the future all of these bugs will get worked out. So after leaving the event, we decided to go check out a nearby Trader Joe's (I love and miss that place and that one is the closest one to us). I was able to get some of our favorite cereal, a couple of jars of their delicious spaghetti sauce, and the boys got some sushi. We were greeted by the nicest lady working there and she even gave Stephanie a lovely bouquet of flowers because she was not feeling well and she wanted to brighten her day. How sweet is that?! It definitely gives you a feeling of restored faith in humanity! We then headed on to Hickory, making a few stops, and then returning to our home. We watched some stuff on Netflix and ordered pizza for delivery. We then ended the evening with frozen yogurt from the new yogurt shop in Hickory, Frogurt. It was perfect!

Sunday: We got up not as early for church. Our church started a new sermon series that we were very excited about on sex and marriage. (Fifty Shades of Grey meets Song of Solomon) The worship service was great and I look forward to the next segment in this series. I can't wait to hear what will be covered next! After church, we grabbed some leftovers for lunch and then explored Game Stop, Barnes and Noble, Tuesday Mornings, and hit up Starbucks for some tasty treats. The boys decided they wanted to have some more gaming time and Steph and I were ready to hit the pool. We had a blast and the water was so cold and perfect for us hot prego ladies! lol.  We got caught in the most normal people would be about to freeze to death due to being in the cold water, but it was quite refreshing for us! ;) After showers and the boys finishing up their "mission," we were thrilled to find a new Chinese restaurant to call our go-to place. (Our last experience with Chinese food in Hickory was less than stellar.) The food was great and I actually liked the crab rangoon, which I am usually not a fan of. We were lucky enough, that Daniel and Steph were able to spend another night with us. So we ended the evening with a movie.

Today, we saw them off this morning and miss them already! Here are a few fun pics from the weekend:

Dinner with our favorite people!

The boys in their natural habitat. Sophie always close by!


Pregnancy is hard on the boys too! lol

Expecting a baby in January (maybe sooner!)

The real belly bump! lol  31 weeks tomorrow!

Showing our babies some love!

I seriously love this picture...I have no idea what we are doing! lol

Priceless expression from John!

Love this one!

Declan's goodies from the Harrisons! Thanks guys! :)

 <3 Anna


  1. Love the photos!! Made me seriously miss you guys. <3

  2. We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again!! :)

    and we miss you too, Victoria! :)

  3. sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! I'm ready for some pool time myself.

  4. Fabulous and some funny pics! have a great week.

  5. I love the pictures of the guys bumping bellies hah!


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