Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Summer Bucket List

Hey guys,

I found this really cool idea on Pinterest and decided to participate. The link from this pin has a great list to start and you can add your own ideas as well. You can also google summer bucket lists, apparently this is a popular idea. I decided to make a big list and whatever I don't finish this summer, will just go towards next summer. (If this works out I might even do this each season, sounds like it would be a great way to make memories.)

Summer Bucket List:

·       Eat breakfast outside.
·       Try a “new” to us fruit.
·       Go out for ice cream.
·       Go to the zoo.
·       Go to the Farmer’s Market.
·       Go swimming.
·       Go on a hike.
·       Make homemade lemonade.
·       Go stargazing.
·       Go to a pick-your-own farm.
·       Go to a “new to you” park.
·       Family Game Night
·       Cookout
·       Make ice cream sundaes.
·       Go on a scavenger hunt.
·       Catch lightning bugs.
·       Fly a kite.
·       Go on a picnic.
·       Go to a museum.
·       Visit a nature center.
·       Make suncatchers
·       Make smores
·       Eat watermelon
·       Make fresh salsa.
·       Watch a fireworks show.
·       Watch the summer Olympics.
·       Go to a baseball game.
·       Play mini golf
·       Write a letter.
·       Paint
·       Go to a local festival.
·       Learn to sew.
·       Be a tourist in your own town.
·       Go to a movie.
·       Read a chapter book together as a family.
·       Make a scrapbook/photo album of all your summer fun.
·       Go to a drive-in-movie.
·       Visit a petting zoo.
·       Water balloon fight!
·       Build a fort.
·       Go geocaching.
·       Draw with sidewalk chalk.
·       Catch caterpillars and watch them grow.
·       Read!
·       Make a summer cocktail.
·       Make a tie-dye shirt.
·       Get a puzzle to do together with a summer scene.
·       Visit the local arboretum.
·       Visit the pool.
·       Play Frisbee.
·       Family Moon walk
·       Make homemade pretzels.
·       Get a funnel cake.
·       Overnight staycation.
·       Ride in a canoe/paddle boat.
·       Visit the library.
·       Visit the science center.
·       Go bowling.
·       ABC Photo Walk
·       Canning/preserving
·       Beach
·       Flea market
·       Breakfast for dinner
·       Make “fairies” in a jar.
·       Late night diner run.
·       Movie marathon
·       Arcade
·       Make a working volcano
·       Make iced coffee

          So I will be sure to update you all with my progress and plenty of pictures. I hope that maybe I've inspired some of my blog friends to make a list and make this the best summer ever! :)

  <3 Anna


  1. That's a lot of stuff! That will be fun!

  2. Mine consists of one thing: MOVING!! Preferably before the end of summer so that I can enjoy summer.

    Yours looks like much less stress. :)

  3. What a cool idea! We might have to do the same thing! Love your list.

  4. wow-- now that's a bucket list! have fun checking things off. My list is probably much shorter, but I look forward to checking things off of mine too.


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