Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Graduation Weekend!

Hey guys!

As I said on Monday, last week was a very busy one and the weekend was no exception! John and I had two graduations to attend! We left for Georgia early Friday morning after picking up the car. We were so happy to have the car in better condition and the ac working! (So important for a pregnant lady!)

We got to Bowman just after lunch time and visited with my mom, sisters, and my youngest sister's boyfriend. Sophie got to meet Jessica's (youngest sister) yorkie, Monte. Let's just say that they didn't get along! I wish I had gotten pictures of their meeting it was pretty hilarious! I got a Mother's Day gift for my mom and she surprised me with some goodies also! (You can see those in this post) We spent much of the time talking and taking pictures and then we headed to Elberton to my great-grandparents where we would be staying for the night. We visited with them and then it was off to Jessica's high school graduation! :)

Waiting for graduation to begin...

I thought this little graduation tree was neat!

My beautiful sister!

Class of 2012

Almost there!

Just received her diploma!

Congrats, Jess!

My friend Andrea and me found each other after graduation. :)

 And here's some pictures from her graduation party!

Brandi (my sister) made the yummy cupcakes and my mom made her delicious turtles!

The food

Some of the party guests

The boys playing ball.

The graduate being silly!

Crazy cousins!

The night was so fun and I'm so proud of Jessica. She has an amazing future ahead of her. I look forward to seeing where God leads her. After the party, we headed back to my great-grandparents to get some z's and be ready for another busy day.

John and I woke early Saturday and made our way to Athens. We decided to meet up with a few friends before my cousin's graduation that day.

We decided to grab some goodies at Jittery Joe's. 

I seriously love this picture. This guy is so photogenic!

These boys make me smile. :)

All of us! :)

Crepe myrtle...smells so good!

We had lunch at one of our favorite places. Don't have one of these at home!

We said our goodbyes and then it was off to my cousin's Nick's graduation!

Jess and me

Jess and her boyfriend, Jake

Aren't they cute?

Waiting for the ceremony to begin...

Nick headed for his seat.

Class of 2012

Nick getting his diploma.

Way to go, Nick!

 It was a great weekend, but boy was I wiped out. I went to church on Sunday, did a few errands, and then rested much of the day. I wouldn't trade it for the world though! I was happy to get the opportunity to celebrate with family and get to see friends I rarely get to visit.

<3 Anna

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  1. Looks like fun!! I bet you were exhausted!! And yummy Locos!! I remember eating there with you and John! :)


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