Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hey guys!

Once again, I'm linking up with the lovely Cami! Today's post is going to be rather short. I'm feeling under the weather. (I think it's partially due to the crazy weather.)

So I'm thankful for:

Sudafed, it's one of the few cold medicines I can take.

My snuggly puppy, I'm enjoying her company on this chilly day.

Our plants survived the weekend. I forgot to water them before we left...whoops! They all look about the same, except for the poor lily...I had to do some pruning and all the pretty flowers are gone. It does have one bloom though!

My mom scheduled a baby shower for us, for all the Georgia and nearby state, family and friends. :)

8 days until we find out if Baby Bean is a boy or a girl! 9 days for everyone else!

<3 Anna


  1. Ok so randomly I keep visiting you on Thursday, lol. I hope you feel better, being sick and pregnant is the worst!!! Can't wait to hear what little one is, so exciting.

  2. good luck with your allergies! My husband and son are sufflering too!
    have fun at your dr exciting!!

  3. Ok I was just typing a nice long comment. It disappeared.
    So - I'll just say this - thank you for linking up. And I hope you're feeling better!!! oxox


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