Friday, February 10, 2012

When it Rains it Pours...

It seems today is the day for car problems in our family. John took our car in for a diagnostic test and the news was bad. We need to decide if we should put more money in the car or if we will trade it in for something else. We thought this was bad! Thankfully, John is able to get to and from work safely.

I just talked to my mom and my youngest sister's car broke down. She was able to get a ride and everything, but was understandably shaken because she hasn't been driving that long. While on the phone with my mom, my other sister beeps in and her car caught on fire. We are so thankful to God that everyone involved was okay, but she had to call the fire department and a tow truck. 

This day hasn't all been bad. There were a lot of good things too. I will probably share that for another day. Right now please pray for us and our decision, as well as my sisters. I don't know all the details there, but I'm sure they will have some decisions to make as well.

<3 Anna


  1. I just read this post now...whoops. I'm behind in posts and e-mails! PRAYING!!! <33

  2. rains it pours is right! whoa-- they say trouble comes in three's-- looks like it in this case. I can so relate to car troubles, unfortunately! Hope things work out!


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