Sunday, February 12, 2012

Update and Weekend Roundup!

So we are still going back and forth on the car thing. It's a pretty big decision. I talked to my youngest sister yesterday, and she is going to have to get a new vehicle (well probably new to her) She is hoping to get a job and save up money. I hope it all works out for her. My other sister was more lucky, her problem actually turned out to be more minor and her car should be an easy fix and not have to be replaced.

Since I'm awake before the sun, I figure I'll go ahead and post on the good of this weekend. :)

Friday night, John and I went out for a bit of shopping. Our first stop was Subway for dinner. The sub was pretty good, but it actually made me miss the Subways back in Georgia. (Hard to believe! lol) We then did some window shopping in the mall. This was our first visit to the mall and it was crazy crowded...figures, being a Friday. So me being the anti-social/and semi claustrophobic person that I am, I didn't last long in there. We then stopped by Barnes and Noble where I got part of my Valentine's present. (John will be working Valentine's Day, so we decided to change our usual nice dinner at home date and just do gifts. I'm sure we will enjoy that day (the hours we are awake) together, as we do any other day together. :)

A cover for my Nook. Isn't it gorgeous?! And as John says "So me" lol

While I was in B&N, John stopped by Game Stop to pick out a game. John is not a serious gamer, but this is usually his go-to gift.

We then headed to Walmart to stock up on groceries and other stuff. While at Walmart, I was able to get a new planner. This was not a part of my Valentines stuff, but it might as well be. I'm a sucker for a planner. I love writing down everything and it keeps my poor little mind sane. ;) We did, however, finish up our Valentine shopping there. I got Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition (as soon as I saw the preview, John knew this would be something I would want for our collection) and John got the HBO John Adams series. We also picked up a couple of other movies that were on sale. We ended the night out, by picking up some sleep masks. We've been really needing those because of John being on second shift. (They work pretty well, but will take some getting used to!)

Once home, we unpacked the car and put away all the groceries. We then ended the evening, watching Life as We Know it, which is a really great movie. (One of the movies we purchased, we also got Leap Year and You've Got Mail)

Yesterday, we spent the day catching up on z's and chores. Nothing really newsworthy, but things that were needed.

Today we will be checking out another church and I'm looking forward to what this day will bring!

<3 Anna


  1. I want to get Lady & the Tramp, too!!
    I like the cover to your Nook - super cute!! What are you reading now?
    Praying for you and your car situation - and you in general :)
    Hope the church is a good one - let me know how it is!! oxox

  2. Hope you enjoyed the church you visited this morning! I know that is a tricky process. Hopefully it was a place that felt like home for you guys!

  3. Th e subways are better here? Yes!


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