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Twisted Review

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I'm back to review Twisted! The most recent book in the PLL series. I read this book in two days...craziness! As always, this post contains SPOILERS!

Twisted skips ahead to the girls senior year in high school. The girls are still keeping secrets and there is still plenty of drama. The biggest being what happened on their spring break trip to Jamaica last year. The girl's memories resurface throughout the book. We learn that Emily sees a girl who looks like Ali. All of the girls have various interaction with her and she even invites them up to the roof of the hotel, to hangout. The girls of course are freaked, but confront her. "Ali" tries to to push Hanna off the roof, but in self defense Aria pushes Ali off. The girls look for Ali's body, but never find it. So much for getting away from the drama....

This leaves the girls uncomfortable and obviously scared. The girls begin to spend less and less time together. Plus they have their own drama to contend with.

Aria is struggling to deal with her boyfriend's foreign exchange student, Klaudia. Aria is sure that she is trying to still Noel away. This causes a rift between her and Noel, so she decides to try and befriend Klaudia. This causes Aria to learn that her worries were just and there is a dramatic fight with Klaudia, leaving Klaudia injured after falling from a ski lift. Noel is very upset and seems to side with Klaudia. Aria's part in the story ends with a evil smiling Klaudia, this leaves us to wonder what will Klaudia do next?

Emily becomes friend's with the new girl, Chloe, she just so happens to be moving into Jenna Cavanaugh's place. Emily babysits for Chloe's little sister, Grace. Through this we learn that Emily was pregnant over the summer with a baby girl. (Isaac, her ex being the father) She explains that she took the swim season off and went to Pennsylvania to give birth. She put the child up for adoption, the only person from her family that knew was her older sister. Emily's dreams of getting a swim scholarship are mostly shattered, but Chloe's father offers to help. He also hits on Emily. Chloe finds out and thinks that Emily is trying to wreck her family. Even though her father had cheated before. Emily doesn't tell Chloe what really happened and Chloe threatens to reveal Emily's secret.

Hanna's father is running for Senator of Pennsylvania. While filming a campaign commercial, one of the photographer's offers Hanna a modeling gig. Mike, Hanna's bf, thinks the guy is creepy and just wants to hit on Hanna. She of course, disagrees and sets up an appointment for the photo shoot. The photographer, aka a creep, gets some naughty pictures of Hanna. He uses this as blackmail and Hanna has to come up with the money to save her dad's campaign. She is too embarrassed to tell her dad what really happened. So she steals money from his campaign and pins it on her dad's assistant.

Spencer's mother is dating again and it's become serious. Spencer and Melissa are asked to come to dinner and meet the mystery man, as well as his two children. Spencer meets a very attractive young man at the bar, who she later finds out will be her new step brother. Spencer decides to act on her feelings and learns that Zach is gay. The night Spencer's mother announces their engagement, Zach and Spencer decide to celebrate with a few drinks, they end up falling asleep in the same bed. Zach's father finds them together and is furious. He assumes they slept together. Spencer becomes terrified when Zach's father begins hitting him. She shouts (without thinking) that Zach didn't sleep with her and that he was gay. Zach was not ready for this to be revealed and is furious with Spencer. He is also upset because his father decides to send him away to military school. He obviously could not take the news. We also learn that Spencer has another secret about how she got into Princeton.

The book ends with all of the girls coming together. They had all been receiving new -A texts. They were also all together for a big announcement. A girl's body had washed ashore in Jamaica. The girl that had looked so much like Ali, wasn't Ali. The girls were shocked to learn they had killed an innocent girl!

This book was pretty good. It wasn't the best of the series, but it kept you reading. The story lines were not as interesting. I think the thing that kept me reading---was wondering what would/could happen next and if a happy ending were possible?

The next book, Ruthless, will be released December 6th. We will have to wait until then to see what could possibly happen next?! It's been posted that Ezra and Maya will be returning.

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