Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Roundup!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great and hopefully, long weekend. :) Ours was pretty fun!

Friday: John and I spent the morning packing the car, grabbed lunch, and then it was on the road again! :) We checked in to our camp site (Amicalola State Park) and set up our tent. We had burgers, chips, and pickles for dinner. The best part was dessert: Reese's smores are the best! I slept like a rock!

Saturday: John and I got up early and enjoyed a breakfast of bacon and eggs. We then checked out a nearby coffee shop and got our morning coffee fix...plus we shared a delicious cinnamon bun! :) John and I then checked out the visitor's center at the park and then walked down the many, many, stairs to get a great view of Amicalola Falls. (We didn't go down all the stairs because we had Sophie with us, but I'm glad we didn't now. My legs are still sore!) We then checked out a beautiful church in the park. It was so peaceful, I didn't want to leave! I enjoyed taking pictures and Sophie got to play in a nearby creek. We were pretty tired after this, so it was great to get back to camp and start dinner. The first night we slept pretty well, but this night was not the case. :/ The new campers next door were very loud! I was not a happy camper the next day. :/

Sunday: It was a rough morning...breakfast, and then check-out. I got a few more pictures and was happy to be back on the road again. We got home pretty early---enjoyed lunch and watched stuff on Netflix.

Monday: We met up with our friend, Keith at Dave and Buster's. We enjoyed a great lunch and spent the day playing video games. Keith won me a few stuffed animals for "early b-day gifts." I then tormented the guys by going to Sanrio and looking at all things cute. :) We continued through the mall looking at various shops and I got two new books on sale from Books-A-Million. :) Overall, it was an awesome day! We ended the day watching How to Train Your Dragon and more random stuff on netflix. ;)

So how was your weekend?

<3 Anna

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  1. What a fun weekend. Glad you had a good time.



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