Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Killer Review

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I'm sure many of you are glad it is Wednesday and are ready for the weekend! I know I am! Today I will be reviewing the sixth book in The PLL series. For a recap of the reviews, check out these links:

As always this review will contain SPOILERS! If you would like to read the books or are not interested in this series, please feel free to check out these posts:

Or anything else that catches your fancy! ;)

So on to the review! In Killer, the girls discover that Ian can't be the killer. He is now yet another missing person. You would think that having a crazy killer running around would be enough drama for any one person. Not for these girls!

Emily and her boyfriend, Isaac decide to take their relationship to the next level. This leads to trouble when Isaac's mother finds out and forbids Emily from setting foot in their home. Hanna risks everything for Aria's little brother, Mike! She discovers that there is more than meets the eye. Aria reconnects with Ali's big brother, Jason DiLaurentis. She falls for him all over again. We also discover that Jason gave Aria the missing piece of the flag. Spencer meets a lady, she believes to be her mother. They meet up for dinner and really hit it off. Spencer decides to move to New York to live closer to her "birth" mother, but realizes too late that it was all a scam. She loses all of her money for college.

Emily attends a party at Radley, once a place for troubled youth. She discovers that Jason was once a patient there. The girls realize that Jason and Darren Wilden, must have been involved in Ali's murder. The girls get this confirmed by Ian. During this time Aria decides to tell the girls about the missing flag piece and gets a shocking surprise. The woods behind Spencer's house are on fire. Aria finds someone among the fire and smoke and helps them brave the flames. The biggest shocker of them appears to be Ali!

I remember this is the point in the books where my addiction was further fueled. It's like what the heck?! Ali? Really?! I really enjoyed Spencer's and Aria's parts in this book. I know many people who have wondered if they were adopted. It was interesting to think about this playing out. Aria having the flag piece was a bit unexpected, but entertaining, nonetheless! It was also funny to read about Mike and Hanna...they sort of fit together in a weird way! Emily's story just annoyed me, per usual. Emily started getting boring---once she returned from Iowa.

Any thoughts? Stay tuned next week for my Heartless review!

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  1. nice review! i really want to get these I know I will be hooked.


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