Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heartless Review

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I missed yesterday's post, so I thought I would play catch up. Next week will be the final PLL review post until I read Twisted...which comes out this month! :)

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As always this review will contain SPOILERS! If you would like to read the books or are not interested in this series, please feel free to check out these posts:

This is the first book that the girls are referred to as "pretty little liars." This is because Ian's body disappeared before anyone else could find it, as well as "seeing" Ali. The girls have no one they can turn to and no one believes them anyway. -A sends clues to Emily that leads her to an Amish community. She discovers that Darren Wilden was once apart of the community, this leads Emily to believe that he may have murdered a girl name Leah. (She was a part of the community and died around the time Ali "returned.") Hanna is sent away to deal with her eating disorder and PTSD. While there she becomes best friend's with her roommate and lead mean girl, Iris. She then learns that Iris knew Ali and may have killed her! Spencer gets some suspicious texts from -A. Spencer learns that her father had an affair with Ali's mother, making Ali and Jason her half siblings! This causes Spencer to suspect her mother of murdering Ali. Spencer tells her parents and learns that her mother had no idea about the affair, this obviously causes more tension in the household. Despite all of the finger pointing, the girls end up arrested for Ali's murder. They are quickly released, when the "real" killer is captured. Billy Ford (a construction worker on Ali's parent's gazebo) is revealed to be the true murderer. He is also believed to be Jenna Cavanaugh's killer. This book ends leaving everyone wondering, if this ending is too simple...could Billy Ford really be -A?

This is another fast-paced book. Hanna's and Spencer's story lines are particularly interesting! You would think with so many books, it would get old---but Sara really knows how to keep her audience entertained. She has a way of leaving you with so many questions and wanting more. I look forward to reviewing the next book, Wanted and reading Twisted and Ruthless. (comes out Dec. 6th this year) So until next time!

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