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Perfect Review

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It's you know what that means?! Time to continue with my review of The Pretty Little Liars series. As always if you do not wish to read spoilers, check out one of my previous posts. :)

In Flawless, the girls are left more confused than ever. Their prime suspect is now dead and the texts and blackmailing continue.

One of the main focuses of Perfect is a scene from one of Aria's videos. The group is all together playing talk show. This is important because we gather more information on Alison, Ali's personality. It still doesn't make sense why the girls allow her to talk to them so disrespectfully. Other than the fact, that she took interest in them and said she wanted to be friends. This also shows Spencer interacting with Ian and her sister's apparent annoyance by this.

The girls trouble continues as they always have secrets to hide.

Spencer begins having memories of the night Ali disappeared. Everyone knows that they had an argument, but did Spencer kill Ali? All of these realizations don't help Spencer, as she is struggling to keep her perfect student image. So to make things easier, Spencer steals one of her sister's Economics papers.

Aria struggles to keep her dad's affair a secret from her mother and brother. This works well, until Aria decides to ignore a request from -A. -A reveals the affair to Aria's mother and she kicks her husband out. Aria is also struggling with feelings for two very different guys. (Aria's current boyfriend, Sean and Aria's AP English teacher, Ezra) Sean is a sweet guy, who allows Aria to move in after Aria's mother finds out she knew about the affair. He is a good comfort in the midst of the storm, but Aria can't deny her feelings for Ezra. Aria finally realizes this and makes plans to break things off with Sean. Unfortunately, Sean finds out about the relationship and Ezra is arrested. Aria is left with a broken heart and wondering where she will go now...?

Emily can't shake her feelings for Maya, but isn't ready to make their relationship public. These feelings intensify when she learns that her parents don't want her hanging around Maya because they are blatantly racist. Unfortunately, -A doesn't mind, and plasters pictures of Emily and Maya kissing at a party. Emily's parents don't know how to deal with this news and tell her she has two options. She can join a group called Tree Tops, that is supposed to help you to become straight or move to Iowa and live with her strict aunt and uncle, as well as her cousins.

Hanna has to throw the best Sweet Seventeen party ever for her best friend, Mona. Otherwise her social status will be on shaky ground. Unfortunately, things don't go according to plan. Hanna and Mona have a series of misunderstandings and Mona excludes her from outings and her court for the party. Hanna spends this time getting to know Lucas, a guy she would normally never talk to. Hanna believes that Mona has forgiven her when she sees the court dress on her bed. Hanna gets dressed and heads to the party, despite the fact that she already has plans with Lucas. Mona and Hanna face off at the party and Hanna realizes that -A sent the dress. (Mona and Hanna are wearing the exact same dress and the girls in the court are wearing different dresses) This causes Mona to be furious with Hanna. Hanna is then embarrassed when her dress rips revealing her underwear in front of everyone. Lucas comes in and saves the day. Towards the end of the book, Hanna gets a text from -A, he/she has slipped up and sent the text from a familiar phone. Hanna contacts the other girls and they plan to meet at their spot, so she can reveal the name. Hanna doesn't get a chance as she is hit by a car. The girls look on in horror and they receive an eerie text that says "She knew too much."

This book kicks up the juice. It's even more of a page turner than the first two! This book leaves you wondering about Spencer. Is she capable of murder? Could she do that to her best friend, even if they were competitive? What really happened that night? Aria is left with nothing. The strange thing about Aria is that she is so much like her father. She doesn't even see it. They say that people struggle with the same issues as their parents...this is made very believable in this book. Emily is put in a terrible position in this book. I feel very bad for her. The one person she can talk to, she is not allowed to see. Emily's parents frustrate me ALOT. I understand that they don't agree with her lifestyle and don't know how to deal with it, but their solutions are horrible and I believe won't solve anything. Hanna gets the worst of it though. The girls are left terrified and know that if you don't play by -A's rules someone will get hurt.

Stay tuned! Next Wednesday reviewing book 4 Unbelievable!

13. Would you break the law to save a loved one?

This would depend on the circumstances. If anyone I know killed someone or harmed themselves, I would have to report it. I wouldn't want them to harm themselves or another person. This I feel would better benefit them than me pretending to be a good friend and "helping" them.
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