Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easter Basket Giveaway!


Hey everyone!

I promised a giveaway when I reached 100 followers. I'm now at a 100+ followers! It's hard to believe, but very exciting and encouraging. I want to again, thank you all for following and commenting. I love writing and enjoy sharing with all of my new friends. ;) So on to the giveaway, one lucky winner will win a Easter basket filled with goodies, constructed by me.

Here's a pic of a basket I made for my sister at Christmas:

To Enter:

1. Contest is only for US and Canadian residents.

2. You must be a current follower of my blog.

3. You must comment with your email address and just for fun what are 2 things you would love to find in your Easter basket: 1 can be a unrealistic dream item, the other something I could afford to put in yours;)

4. Contest deadline is Friday, March 25th 12pm. Friday afternoon I will draw names from a hat, the lucky winner will be announced asap.

*** Have fun and Good luck to you all!***

Now to answer the question of the day from this:

3. Where are you/would you be headed for spring break this year (real or ideal)?
(March 23)

Real: I may be going on a trip to Helen, GA with my hubby, mom, and sisters in May.

Ideal: I would love, love, love to go to Ireland. It is my fondest dream! I hope I make there some day. <3

<3 Anna


  1. How fun! I am already a follower of your blog. I would like a sewing machine (ha!) and maybe some Hershey Drops. Congrats on being at 150 followers! Oh-I have been to Helen several times...I live about 2 hours from's very pretty and fun! :)

  2. I follow your blog and The one thing I always look forward to at easter is cadbury eggs. But if I could have anything in my basket this year it would a piece of paper saying my hubby doesn't have to go to Afghanistan (hey I can dream right)

  3. Fun! I follow your blog!
    Hmmm...what to find in an Easter basket...??? Well, realistically, I ALWAYS love yarn, beads, or crafting supplies (go Hobby Lobby)! =) Unrealistically, I'd love to have all of us healthy for this weekend... =P
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    justforthis917 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  4. Easterr basket... easter basket.. oh! okay so i really wanna try those huge reeses eggs that are around now-a-dats. im a sucker for chocolate and peanut butter and that'll give my fix for the rest of the year! haha as for something big ? two tickets to europe :D

  5. I'm a blog follower! My email is stephanie dot greiner at hotmail dot com.

    Fantasy Easter Basket Item: Two tickets on a 5 night cruise with the hubs (child care provided of course)!

    Affordable Item: Mini Cadbury Eggs...oh my! So yummy!

  6. I follow your blog so I am entering your contest. I LOVE Easter baskets and I'm sad that the Easter bunny doesn't bring me one anymore. If I did get one I would love to find a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble (I just read Something Borrowed and need to get Something Blue) and Trader Joe's mini peanut butter cups which is my current favorite candy!!!

  7. I think I would like to go to Ireland, too. I have been to England several times and Scotland once. I love the rich and deep history that exists in those countries. And I love the stories that come along with the tours of the castles...

  8. Hershey peanut butter eggs are my favorite item to put in an Easter basket...and receive! They are so good. As for an unrealistic dream about plane tickets to Australia!


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