Thursday, June 3, 2010

Internship Lessons

So I have a grand total of 3 days left on my internship. It's been crazy at times but very rewarding and I've learned a great deal:

I've learned that some people are not as accepting of change---even if it's good, as others are.

I've learned that sometimes no matter how nice you are some people are just mean or are just having a bad day.

Men should donate their clothes, we never have enough men's clothes.

A willingness and excitement for education will take you far.

Helping others is good not only for the people involved, but you as well.

Paint goes every where there is little avoiding that, even if you have the painter's tape.

Smiling really does help a situation.

Along with that, coming in with a good attitude really helps also.

Some may think that the homeless are not people, this not true, they are just like us having the same dreams, hopes, and needs we do. In fact I met a man during my internship, who was a graphic artist---he lost his job and had been unemployed for a year. He shared with me his artwork and it was beautiful and very inspiring. I also met a couple about to have their first child.

Real Stories, Real's been an amazing experience.

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