Monday, February 1, 2010


So just a quick question, I've been having trouble lately dealing with making mistakes...I know I'm not perfect, but sometimes it's really hard to deal with criticism and the knowing that I won't always get it right. So have any of you had this problem? Any advice, words of encouragement?! I need it:)


  1. Well...

    I'm going to answer by reminding you of a Facebook note that you commented on back in 2008.

    Scroll down to the March 3, 2008 entry within that note.

  2. Now then, I would like to add one more comment to this now that you've had opportunity to read the FB note.

    Over the last few years, I have continued to feel like a failure on a different but similar level to what I mentioned in the note. My family and how I thought they felt about me (judging by their words/actions) was not helping, and in a lot of cases, they still don't. Mistakes, or rather, what seemed like them was the root of the problem.

    My family considered it "a mistake" for me to work so hard to get the loans for Emmanuel. In the end, I was forced to leave EC because of a lack of funds. Now I have debt towards that. That was a mistake.

    It was "a mistake" for me to marry a man who was unwilling to stand up to his parents and say we were married before a year was up... this was a mistake because the women of my family said they would have "felt he didn't love me..."

    It was a mistake that I went to Atlanta to search for a job due to my frustration with the lack of jobs in Royston. That was a mistake too...because I should've just been satisfied with where I was, stayed put...continued my job search in Royston and eventually I would've found something. They promised. Their promises became lies because I NEVER FOUND ANYTHING.

    There are many more stories like this throughout my life. I have felt for so many years that I am a mistake who makes mistakes... I spent YEARS thinking that... only to have a family member tell me the other day, "You know, you think you are this failure. But you're not. You've fought so hard for the things in your life..." and continued to talk about how I had fought to attend Emmanuel... The same person had told me repeatedly not to get the loans and that it was a sin to be in debt.

    My advice is to just be who you are. No matter what. You cannot be too hard on yourself. Other people will do that plenty for you. It may seem very vain to say this, but you almost have to think well of yourself. Otherwise... who will?


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