Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Visit from Nona and Grampa

Hey everyone,

 It's been a bit of a crazy time for us. Summer is busy and we have had to deal with bits of bad news recently. We are pressing forward though and God is continuously reminding us that He is with us and that we have nothing to fear.

 This past weekend was nice because John's mother and stepfather visited. We didn't really have much planned, but we just enjoyed catching up. Below are some pictures from the visit. :)

Playing in the pool that Nona and Grampa got him. :)
Already playing with water guns. ;)
My favorite shot...caught Sophie doing the usual. ;)
And we are tired now! 
My hero! ;)
Precious boy!
Watching Baby Einstein Farm Animals with Nona

And here is a video of some more of the pool fun!

<3 anna


  1. adorable. The one with Sophie running is so cute, with little guy in the pool. My favorite is the last one on his Nona's lap...because I cannot wait to visit my grandson in Austria this summer! I may not ever let him walk by himself while I am there! ;)

  2. So cute!! I have to get a baby pool for my kiddos. I bet my dog would get in with them, lol.

  3. Looks like a fun visit! Happy 4th!


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