Friday, June 28, 2013

Daring Girls Series (and what's to come?!)

Hey guys,

I know it isn't Tuesday, but I wanted to make clear what is to come and be sure that everyone understands how the book works. I know many of you don't own the book and probably are not sure what to expect. The book bounces around from topic to topic, so that will be the style that you will come to expect each Tuesday.

Here is what is to come:

July 2: Volleyball post with Kristine
July 9: Ancient Queens post with Victoria
July 16:  Women in Piracy with Victoria
July 23:  Basketball with me
July 30: Palm Reading with me

August 6: History of Writing with me
August 20: Games of Tag with me
August 27: Spanish terms with me

***If any of you are interested in guest posting for this series, please leave a comment. I would love to work with you.***

***I'm also looking for those interested in guest posting for August 7-16. (I will be out of town) I would love to spotlight your work, interview you, or you can provide a piece for me to share. Please comment for this as well. Deadline for posts is July 31.



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