Monday, June 17, 2013

9 months!

Hey everyone,

 My sweet boy has reached 9 months! Time is going by much too fast!

Sweet boy,

Our lives are filled with so much joy, thanks to you! We are reminded often of what a wonderful life we have and to not take anything for granted. You teach us so much! Our hearts are so full of love for you. We are so happy to have an opportunity to experience the  many firsts with you and look forward to all the wonderful memories to come!

9 months old, Silly Little Mister using his foot to help hold up his sippy cup.

One of his favorite things to do: Looking outside. This is from our weekend in VA (more on that later!) 

Me and sweet D

You like:

  • Crawling! You are a pro now!
  • Standing! You are growing stronger we know you will be walking before we know it!
  • Elephants are still your favorite. (We look forward to watching Dumbo with you, very soon!)
  • Music---You stop everything and just listen. It seems to bring you peace and you look like you are concentrating very hard. Maybe we have a little musician in the family?! I think that would be pretty wonderful. :)
  • Spending time with mommy and daddy.
  • People---especially girls. ;)
  • Food, you love to eat!
  • Playing with Sophie.
  • Playing with everything, but your toys!
  • Making raspberry noises
  • Clapping your hands
  • Playing peek-a-boo
  • Playing with your bath toys...yay!

You dislike:

  • Diaper/Clothing changes
  • Loud noises (Such as vacuum cleaners or the loud flush of toilets in public restrooms)
  • Having things taken away
  • boundaries
  • You have separation anxiety sometimes.
  • You don't like bath time, but you have learned to play with your toys, so this one is improving! yay!
  • Being told no.


  • You are continuing to improve with your standing. You have stood independently for a few minutes at a time. 
  • You are a pro at crawling and cruising. It's a breeze for you now, so you are getting around very well even for not walking yet!
  • You have 3 teeth that have finally peeked through on the bottom, so your chewing ability has improved and we are now able to give you more foods. This is nice because you have wanted a broader range of food for awhile now, we have just had to wait for your teeth to catch up! ;)
  • No new words, but you are saying mama and dada more often and you babble A LOT!
  • You love to clap. This is your new favorite thing to do. Mommy has been working on this with you and didn't know if you were catching on. Well one day at Aunt Kathy's house, she and I started clapping, and you copied us. It was so great to see that you had been grasping what mommy had shown you! You now will clap on your own, unprompted. One day you even started clapping when I brought you your food! lol. It was too cute and funny!

We love you sweet boy! You are such a blessing in our lives!

Love you,

Mama and Dada


  1. Aww, he is so cute and I bet he is having so much fun now that he's becoming mobile. And keeping you on your toes by getting into all kinds of mischief, I'm sure! Happy 9 months. :)

  2. 9 months - unbelievable - where is the year going.... Take care

  3. D is going to loooove this when he's a big boy ;-)


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