Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hey guys,

 This Easter season was particularly powerful for me. I was again reminded of how much Jesus loved and sacrificed for me. This is something I'll never fully comprehend, but always be left in awe of. Easter was a great time for me to reflect on this and much more, including my recent frustration and lack of motivation. God knows my every thought and fear and He knows why my heart is filled with such discontent. I know that if I seek Him further, He will lead me down the path that I need to take. (I already have some direction with that and it feels good.)

This was also Declan's first Easter. We read the story of Jesus' resurrection and It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. We don't do the Easter bunny, but it was fun to read that story and share with Declan my love of Peanuts. (We also watched the special on tv.) ;) This is not to say that we won't allow Declan to have Easter egg hunts in the future, but that we won't be telling him "Hey, the Easter bunny is coming." (My family didn't do the Easter bunny. We all knew that it was our aunts and uncles hiding the eggs and my husband isn't a fan at all of the Easter bunny.) Our hope is to put the emphasis on Jesus' resurrection and what that means to our family as Christians. I finished up making Resurrection/Easter eggs (I've seen some controversy over the name.) but the idea is sort of like an advent calendar at Christmas. If you are unfamiliar, here is the link I used to help with creating ours. The eggs are filled with scripture and a symbol that helps give the child a tangible picture of what was going on that day. I think this is a wonderful teaching tool, especially for the little ones. I can't wait to actually use the eggs next year! :)

Little Mister's First Easter

My favorite <3

Little Stinker refused to smile or sit up without his chair for the picture. ;)

I hope that all of my wonderful readers had a beautiful Easter weekend! What are some of your favorite Easter memories? What do you and your family do for Easter? I would love to hear from you. Sound off below!

<3 anna


  1. I'm glad your Easter was a good one! I am totally with you on the Easter bunny. We're the same way. After all, the Easter bunny didn't resurrect! That picture of him throwing his hands up is precious!

  2. He's so cute in his Easter outfit!! Glad you had a good Easter. :) We don't really have any of our own Easter traditions yet but we usually go to church and have Easter dinner with my in laws. :)


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