Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are you a Leader or a Sidekick?

Hey guys,

 Yesterday, I started thinking about leaders and sidekicks. (Thank you, Looney Tunes for this blog fodder) Yes, you read that correctly. I was inspired by an episode of Looney This particular episode starred the two gophers. (I just think they are too cute and just love their clever banter...;) Anyway, I noticed how one gopher seemed to take on more of a leadership role and the other gopher seemed to be more of the follower. This really interested me because we all have different personalities and seem to gravitate towards one role over the other.


 For example, I quickly identified my husband as the leader gopher and me as the follower gopher. I feel that my husband is more of the leader in our relationship. I also learned in my internship that I liked the role of assisting versus leading. I think both roles are just as important. I think some people are meant to be more in the spotlight and others are happy to receive credit for behind the scenes work. I think everyone exhibits qualities of both traits but you likely possess one quality heavier than the other. (If you were looking at this from a biblical standpoint, we are all different parts of the Body.) 

 I think if you identify yourself as a leader you have to remember that the person assisting you (the sidekick) plays an important role as well.

This picture is just too words. lol

 I think if you are a sidekick you have to remember that this maybe your role in work, school, etc, but that you must play the lead role in your own life. You can't take a backseat in your own life.


What do you think of roles, leader vs. sidekick? Do you think one is more important than the other? Which role do you think you play? How can you better respect the other role?

<3 anna

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