Tuesday, April 23, 2013

7 Months old!

Hey guys, 

 7 months! 7 months! Can you believe it?! Where did the time go?

  Sweet boy,

 You are 7 months old and I can't believe it! You are no longer my tiny baby. You are growing and almost constantly on the go. I can't believe it but sometimes I do miss those tiny days. 

Yep, he is pulling himself up now!

Oh buddy, he is going to help me keep clutter off the coffee table now!

You like:

  • Crawling! You still enjoy being held but when you want down, you want down. You are becoming more independent and have places to go and things to explore!
  • Pulling up! You are using the couch, toy box, coffee table, etc. to pull yourself up. Yesterday you shifted a little, so I'm sure you will be cruising before we know it! Craziness!
  • Elephants
  • Music---It's still a good soother.
  • Food, you love to eat!
  • Spending time with mommy and daddy.
  • You like playing in the tub now with your bath toys. Yay!
  • Snuggles with mommy and daddy.
  • Playing with Sophie.
  • Playing with mommy and daddy.
  • Playing with everything but your toys. ;)

You dislike:

  • Teething
  • Diaper/Clothing changes
  • Having things taken away.
  • Being alone---you don't like being put in your play yard when mommy eats, etc.
  • You are starting to have anxiety around other people.
  • Loud noises
  • Going to sleep---you don't like being put to bed or taking a nap anymore. This isn't fun for mommy and daddy.

  • You are pulling yourself up now. You are standing with help pretty well, but you plop down pretty fast when you lose balance.
  • You love food and are eating various different solids. You really love apples and prunes to my surprise! I let you suck on a pickle the other day at lunch and your expression was priceless!
  • Teething---You are still teething. No teeth yet. :(
  • No new words yet. You usually say mama when you are crying. :(
  • You are sitting up very well now. You have grown enough now that you can use the high chairs in most restaurants now and grocery carts. 
  • You are using a starter sippy cup now. We knew it was time because you are constantly trying to steal our cups. ;)

You are such a happy and bright little boy. You are so full of life. We love hearing your sweet little giggle and watching you learn new things. We are so proud of you and each of your accomplishments. We love you sweet boy.


Mommy and Daddy


  1. Declan, congrats on 7 months! It is at this time, I'd like to warn you about a few things. Mommy apparently likes coffee. Coffee is hot. Coffee goes on a coffee table. If you spill coffee whilst clearing the coffee table, you may cry.

    Did you know it's fun to play in the bathroom? Sophie probably would love to TP the WHOLE house with you, for seriously. You should totally go unroll the TP for her. And if you want a real belly laugh, leave the toilet lid up. When Sophie drinks from it, tell her to give Mommy kisses. ~_<3

  2. I can't believe he is getting so big already! Look at him pulling up like a big boy- too cute!! I know you are soaking it all in- he's growing so fast! Hope you are having a great week, Anna!


  3. wow...he is going to be an early walker!!! have fun with your precious son!!

  4. Enjoy every minute, it goes soooo fast!
    P.S. Like your new header. :)

  5. Anna, what a cutie - looks like he'll be off running really soon. Cheers

  6. Can't believe how much he is growing. :) Congratulations Declan on your 7 months. :)


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