Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Healthier Choices for our Family

Hey guys,

 John and I have recently made a commitment to living a healthier lifestyle. We are doing this for ourselves, for each other, and for our son (and any other possible child/ren we may have.) We both have been feeling more sluggish lately and are sick of it. We have both made commitments in the past that didn't pan out---one or both of us caved, but this time I firmly believe that it will go differently. I feel this way because we are both determined to succeed. We both realize that we will have bad days and I am learning to focus on each meal and making healthy choices as I go along. I'm also refraining from using death words like "diet" "I will never eat such and such again", etc. These words usually do me more harm than good.

 So what are we doing, exactly? 

 Well John has joined a gym and I am continuing my everyday pin work (pictured above) out as well as The Pink Method workouts every time that I'm able. We are also excited about warmer weather to come and walks with Declan and Sophie. We are committing to eating more vegetables and fruit and trying to lower our meat and dairy intake. (John and I have been drinking almond milk for awhile now. This is due to the fact that we both have issues with milk---a slight intolerance maybe and also I have my own personal issues with drinking cow's milk, but that's a blog for another day.) We are also committing to increasing our water intake and a goal of mine is to work towards no carbs after lunch time. This is supposedly one of Bob Harper's skinny rules and I think it's worth shooting for.  I have been using this blog and this website as helpful references for our new lifestyle goals. I'm excited and more than anything I'm looking forward to having more energy, losing weight would be a great bonus, but not being exhausted would be the main goal.

What Little Mister is doing?

We are hoping by us making healthier choices it will make it easier for Declan to make them as well. I firmly believe that your childhood eating habits set the stage for what your future eating habits will look like. Declan started solids around 5 months---I think. It all seems a bit of a blur right now. He loves them so much that it's hard to remember a time before he was eating. ;)

He fell asleep while eating his peas. Poor baby!

As far as baby food goes, I have done a little bit of both. I have made Declan's food and I have bought it. My preference when buying is Nature Selects. (They seem to try to keep the additives that are unnecessary out.) Reading up on processed foods and all the unnecessary things we put into our bodies has made me a lot more cautious with what I choose to give Declan.

Declan's thoughts so far:

Loves: Sweet potatoes---they are his absolute favorite

Likes: Carrots, Apples, Peas

Dislikes: Bananas, Green Beans, Rice Cereal---he will eat them, but he isn't fond of them. I haven't found anything yet that he refuses to eat. ;) (I used to hate bananas. So I found that kind of interesting.)

If any of you have a Type A personality like me, you will likely love the Gerber website. It has a place where you can set up a profile for your child and it has a menu planner. You can use it to help plan meals for your kiddos, I'm not sure what age it goes up to, but it's definitely worth a gander if you are interested. I personally love it! It has been most helpful.

Share your thoughts on healthy eating and your lifestyle goals below. Sound off!

<3 anna


  1. Sounds like you guys are doing great! We're slowly making changes to our lifestyle to make it healthier too. :) We've been drinking almond milk since our daughter was born too. Rice is good for some things that don't taste good with almond.

  2. I've made a commitement this year to pursue health. I've known this stuff for years, do go for a while, then regress. Ugh. I started a second blog to share about my health journey, mostly to keep me accountable, but also to share what I'm learning. It's working. I've cut out processed sugars, wheat, most dairy. I'm eating "real food" (not processed stuff), and a lot of it...which leaves no room for junk.

    P.S. You will never regret starting your son on the right track! It's much easier than trying to retrain him when he's older.


  3. This is so inspirational. I am so happy for both of you. My hubby and I have been doing P90X videos for now 7 weeks due to the same reasons you listed. The irony is he has lost so much weight and is building muscles while I feel I show no difference. Weird right?
    But I do feel stronger for sure which is good I guess.
    I hope you keep it up. Love reading your son's updates. So cute.

  4. Well done, Anna. I am hopeless about exercise but actually pretty good with food. I eat almost anything except processed food (but do some bacon and sausages...) but make sure that the portion sizes are very small for calorie dense foods. I imagine as Declan gets more and more mobile you'll get a lot of natural exercise! Cheers


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