Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guest Blogger, Ummm...did I mention my love for babies?!

Hey guys!

Today Noel from Beautiful Life will be sharing with us. I recently found Noel's blog through a Thankful Thursday link-up. Gotta love those! They are an amazing way to meet other bloggers. So just as I'm getting to know Noel better, it comes time for me to go on my bloggy baby leave, and she offers up one of her lovely posts. I was thrilled and am excited for you guys to get to know her as well. :)

Thank you Anna for asking me to guest host your blog today. I promise you have left it in good hands.
To you her readers I thought an intro would be our first order of business and then maybe something about babies since our dear Anna is on maternity leave so to speak from her blog.

Hello There Lovelies, My name is Noël Maria, but you can call my No dots for short.  I am a wife to a Giant man named Moses. We have been married 17 years now, going strong and in love. We have 4 kids, I like to refer to them as my Fab 4. Two girls Emma and Chloe, and two boys Solomon and Isaiah. And we have 2, 4 legged friends. We live in Seattle WA. Currently, I am working hard at home to raise those Fab 4 children I mentioned earlier and of course blogging it up with you all. I really like a lot all things vintage, black licorice,vw, yoga, crocheted, artsy, tattooed, and musical. You can find out more about me in these places if you like;
                                                                                                     Blog:Beautiful Life                                                                                        Shop:No Dots Shop by NodotsShop on Etsy 

In Honor of Anna having a brand new baby, I decided to give you a revised version of an old blog I wrote back in 2006. You can find the original here; Beautiful Life: ummm... did i mention my love for babies.

My love for babies goes way back. When I was a teen I didn't have pictures of the latest heart throb hangin up around my room , no I had pictures of cute lil babies. When most girls my age were going out on friday nights I was usually babysitting.
It is not at all surprising that I grew up and had four babies of my own but now that the baby making dept in the Scofields home is closed for business, and now that my youngest baby is 8 well, it got me thinking ... unless the Giant allows for an adoption I will soon be going through some major baby withdrawals. I am going to have to get my fixes elsewhere. Like here on Anna's blog ;)Uh oh!! I don't think my obsession for these lil people is going anywhere so ..... I  look forward to when I get to enjoy my family and friends and other bloggers brand new babies. No pressure, Anna for those pictures...Really, take your time but umm.. just know I will be checking back everyday for your return and those cute lil newborn pics so I can get my much needed baby fix.

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