Friday, September 14, 2012

Guest Blogger, "The Tattooed Mom"

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Today Amanda from With Love and Pickles will be sharing a post with us. Amanda is new to the blog world and I'm so glad I found her. She is a wife and mother to 3.  She shares stories about her life and interests on her blog, which is a fun read and breath of fresh air! I encourage you all to enjoy this read, comment, and be sure to stop by her blog and share some love! :)

 If you haven't noticed I am a tattooed mom. Over the past 3 years my shoulder tattoo has slowly turned into a half arm sleeve and will probably eventually turn into a full arm sleeve. I never intended to have a tattoo this big but over the years I have found more things to add to it and I am loving the way it looks. In the spring I finally finished coloring in my bottom pieces and it is kind of the first year I have had a noticeable big tattoo.  So far I have never had anyone say anything hurtful or rude about my tattoos. I've gotten the occasional remark like "those look like stickers" or "do you need something to wash those off?".

Today was the first time I have ever received a rude and hurtful comment about being a tattooed mom. I was in Target with Liam looking for a good calendar for our refrigerator (I've been preparing for the start up of school and wanted to get better organized). I walk around the corner to hear an older lady laughing and telling her friend she was laughing at a tattoo. I ignored that comment and thought "she can't be talking about me". Then as they proceeded to pass me one lady said something about the tattoo behind them (me) and made some remark about "mothers today" and a few other things about me as a mother. I stood there completely shocked. How can these women say such hurtful words about me and my mothering capabilities just because I have tattoos? Liam was even being an adorable little boy, giving the women no reason to negatively comment on my mothering skills. I wish I had not been shocked so I could have told them how hurtful their remarks were, that I am a wonderful mother that loves my children more than life and that if they had nothing nice to say they shouldn't say anything at all, but I couldn't speak, I was genuinely shocked. I left the store with a sick feeling in my stomach and a bruised heart. 

Now I don't doubt my mothering capabilities or if the decision I made to have noticeable tattoos was the right one. I love the mother I am and love the way I look. I know that by choosing to have a big tattoo I open myself up for criticism, because that is just what people do. I completely understand that these women are from a different generation and that they just "don't get" tattoos. But to completely judge someone solely on the fact that they have tattoos, I do not understand and I was not prepared for. I am just thankful that Liam was too little to hear or understand those women. 

So yes I have tattoos and just to cover the bases here are some answers to any questioning that comes with tattoos. (I am talking about questions that come from strangers, not from family, friends or fellow bloggers.) No there is really no meaning behind my tattoos besides the fact that I think they are pretty and they make me happy. Yes they hurt like hell and I have no idea why I keep going back for more. No they do not come off nor do I want them too. No I do not care what my tattoos will look like when I am 80, I will just be happy to be alive. Last but not least I really don't want to see your tattoos that require you to remove or pull up your clothing. For more tattoo etiquette visit Nicole's blog on being a tattooed mom. Anyone with tattoos, without tattoos or who just don't "get" tattoos should read this post.  

Here are some of the tattoos that were so offensive to the women at the store and made them think I was a terrible mother. I happen to think they are beautiful. They do not make me a bad person or a bad mother. They just make me a little different than you. 

 My tattoo originally started as 3 stars on my shoulder with my children's names in them. Then it grew into stars all over my shoulder with two birds on my arm that lightly signify Bryan and I. I decided to extend it further down my arm with the cherry blossom branches, wedding bands and the three birds that signify my children. I recently added the rose to the inside of my arm, the heart and key and this weekend added the pink peonies.  Eventually I will fill in the space with blue for a sky. I also have smaller pieces on my back, my neck, chest and wrists.


  1. Hey Amanda...I have a short story I want to write...Tatooed or Branded and would love to interview you. If you're interested email me at And just to say...your tatoos are pretty neat....


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