Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hey guys!

It's time for another Thankful Thursday!

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a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

I found this quote and I feel like this has been on my heart this week...

Source: via Sybil on Pinterest

This week I'm thankful for:

* All the support from everyone towards my family and I as we grieve. Loss is so hard, but you all have made it easier to bear.

* My wonderful husband (I know, I know, he always makes this list! ;) He gets me! I've enjoyed playing Zelda: Link to the Past with him this week. It's the little things! <3>

* Now that it's Facebook official, my friend's exciting news---She's having a boy! Can't wait for future play dates!

* I got all of Declan's clothes (that I have here, he has some clothes and things still on the way!) washed and ready! Boy, he has a ton already!

* My father-in-law and step mother-in-law are visiting this weekend. They are bringing Declan's mattress. I'm hoping to start work on his nursery area this weekend! Pictures to come!

* I have come up with a new blog topic for Mondays. I'm looking forward to sharing with you all. If it's popular enough, maybe it could develop into a link-up. My first's hoping! ;)

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. You would be surprised how all of those clothes quickly turns into not enough. lol! Love you dear! So glad to hear you're doing well!

  2. So thankful for little boys! They are such a blessing and my husband too :)

  3. I am thankful for you & for your post <3 Thanks for linking up with me at First Day of My Life!

    YAY for future play fuuun!!


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