Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Musings

Hey all,

Today is a new week and with that brings me to introducing a new blog theme for Mondays. I'm really excited about Monday Musings. (You are probably wondering what is Monday Musings?) Great question...but hold your horses...I'm getting to that! ;)

Monday Musings is the product of a random conversation I was having with John. I was looking at an ad in one of my issues of Glamour and noticed it was for Beach hair. It was this spritz bottle stuff that you apply to your hair and it's supposed to give you that "just hung out at the beach all day look." So I was commenting to John about how they are selling a look that I'm always trying to avoid. I love the beach, but I hate the feeling and look of my hair after being there. I kind of rambled on a bit about it, and my husband just looked at me with that glazed..I have no idea what you want from me This is when I realized that my blog is the perfect place to share all these random tidbits. I figure this will give you a look inside of my head, it can be a very scary and random place. ;) So for now on I will try to record some of my random thoughts and share them with you each Monday. I hope this will be a fun and interesting way to get to know each other.

My hair does not look this good after a trip to the

So to continue with the beach hair thing,this lead me to think about the wet hair look. Some people use gels and various products to get wet disheveled look and then there's the bedhead stuff. I just don't get it. These products are definitely not being sold to people like me. These are things I'm trying to avoid and don't wish to look like a drowned rat, beach bum, or bedhead. BUT maybe that's just me.

I kind of feel like this intro is turning into a Jerry Seinfeld skit. "What's the deal with...." lol

So here's some more of my musings for this week:

*I've always been an insane list person, but pregnancy has seriously reinforced that fact. I write everything down, not just because I love making lists, but I'm so darn forgetful now. The other day, I was in the kitchen cooking and I asked John where the baking soda was..? I had torn apart the cabinets and the fridge and couldn't find it. Just as I begin a rant at John about putting the baking soda in the side door (he likes to put it in other random spots in the fridge) I look over on the counter and there it sits. I blush, apologize for being a crazy hormonal pregnant lady and continue on with my cooking. SMH

*What they say about nesting is so true. I'm a crazy person trying to get everything just so for Declan's arrival. This has brought about times of tears and times of feeling a great sense of accomplishment when I can  check something off.

How can you not love this girl?! Her smile is seriously contagious!

* Gabby Douglas is just adorable! I can't believe anyone would want to say one hateful word to or about her. She is so talented and seems to have such an amazing heart and spirit. I hope she doesn't take the criticism to heart.

* Letter Writing is quite therapeutic. In times of stress, I love to sit down and write a nice letter to a friend. I also enjoy baking when I'm stressed as well as a nice hot bath. :)

* I truly enjoy the simple things in life. I think this comes more and more with Declan's upcoming arrival. My perspective has changed so much! I want more now than ever to learn how to best serve God and be the best wife and mother I can be.

Goodies we got from the shopping trip with "Grandpa and Granny Nell"

Package from "Noni and Papa" (John's mom and Tom)

* Saturday, my father-in-law and step mother-in-law came by for a day visit. They brought us Declan's mattress and another car seat for when he outgrows the first. We had a nice lunch at Firehouse Subs...I had never been before, but would highly recommend it! We then went to Babies R Us after checking out a consignment shop that didn't come up with any finds. Anyway, we get several things for Declan (pictured above) and Lynell was just asking if I needed anything else when I saw a wipe warmer, now everywhere I had read recently, had said that these were pretty much a luxury and not something to worry about I was kind of joking and talking about how I knew I didn't need that...when a mommy nearby chimed in and was singing the products praises. I was so surprised! She was like, "I was skeptical about it, just like you, but it was so worth it and I'm so glad I got it!" How could I argue with a review like that?! So we added it to our cart. There is something truly amazing about mommies---there seems to be a camaraderie and sisterhood to it that I really felt blessed to see yesterday. I feel like in the past couple of months, I've really had my eyes open to a whole new stage in my life and so many of the moms I know have welcomed me with open arms. It's the coolest feeling! <3>

* I'm so ready for fall! It is my favorite season and I'm so ready for everything that goes with it. I've decided that I may put up some of my fall stuff early, maybe at the end of the month---I'll just see how I'm feeling, I may do it sooner so I can enjoy decorating and such before I feel like I'm about to bust! (I kind of have that feeling now!)

It's so not like this.

and more like this for me. Yep, that's a fainting goat, poor little guy! 
"A fainting goat is a breed of domestic goat whose muscles freeze for roughly 10 seconds when the goat feels panic. Though painless, this generally results in the animal collapsing on its side." (Quote from Wikipedia)

 *So one lovely or truly not so lovely detail that I didn't mention above on Saturday is that I fainted. :/ I have these spells from time to time, so it wasn't too shocking and thankfully I was sitting in the car and we were headed to Babies R Us. They usually come on pretty fast and I can't do anything about them. I have been tested and no one knows why I have them. I could probably get further testing, but I don't have that kind of money lying I just deal. It doesn't affect my day to day life, so I make due. Anyway, I was thinking about how I hate how in the movies and on tv, they make fainting seem so graceful and lady-like...if you have ever fainted before it's so NOT! It's very scary. For me my vision usually blurs---sometimes it goes all black and green---sometimes it's just really fuzzy. All I remember this time was feeling this overwhelming sense of "Oh no! It's happening again!" then my eyes started twitching and I felt so hot...John turned up the air and I remember closing my eyes and willing my body to stop this. John pulls over and gets me some water at a nearby Zaxbys. The traffic was pretty crazy (as usual in Hickory) so this took some time. By the time we get to Zaxbys, I'm feeling slightly more myself. I talk to Mark and Lynell about my spells and reassure them that this is nothing new for me. I push the fluids the rest of the day and later talk to John about the experience. I am shocked to find out that I did go out for a bit. I don't remember that at all. So I say all of this to say, that if you have never fainted before, please don't think it's like what you see on tv and movies. It's not.

 * I use to selfishly think that everyone has this one big special purpose in life. Over the years, I have re-evaluated that thought and I no longer think it's true. I'll explain. I say this because in my faith and throughout my life I have been searching desperately for my one special purpose. I finally came to the conclusion this year that I don't have one. Now this is not to sound depressing or upsetting, it's to say that I believe that God has specific goals in mind for me and He wants me to do and be the best that I can be (with Him), but that I don't necessarily have one job or one purpose in life. I believe that life is full of opportunities and as long as I am seeking God with my decisions He will bless what it is I am doing and give me a peace to know that what I'm doing is the right thing. I think realizing this has helped me so much! It has taken so much stress from me and has helped me to clear my mind and to begin thinking creatively again. This has me very excited for the future and for all the projects to come! :)

* I seriously miss sleep. I know that once Declan gets here I won't have much of it, BUT what I didn't know is that I would not be getting sleep now. Sigh, I miss it so much! Thank, God for Pinterest and websites like that. I can jump on and kill some time and not keep my poor hubby awake.

Well that's all for this week! Stay tuned for another post next Monday. What do you think of Monday Musings? What is on your heart today? Please share your musings for the day. It can be something random like my story about beach hair or it can be something specific...whatever your heart desires. ;)


  1. The wipe warmer was definitely nice for when they are tiny and the cold wipe shocks them so much. There definitely is a mommy camaraderie. Great post!

  2. Super cool post! Love that you can just empty your mind...something we all need sometimes. :)

  3. Wow, you had a lot on your mind this Monday! :)
    I totally remember the nesting period. Drove my hubby crazy. And I was LOL about you rambling on and your husband looking over glazed. We have those conversations quite often.
    I love the beach look but don't like using those products because that hair lasts about couple hours then has to be washed and re-styled. Don't have time for that.

  4. I never nested. Still haven't. Which would explain why Balian's room is still packed from the move (although it doesn't explain why he's currently chewing on a plastic whale... Too much shark week?). But I definitely recommend the wipe warmers for the early stages (just be careful, ours had a nasty habit of drying wipes out). Also, put a wipe over Declan's *ahem* as soon as you take the diaper off. Leave it there until you get another diaper under him and are ready to finish wiping and diaper him back up. This has saved me from being peed on soooooo many times.

  5. I think the wipe warmer is great for a winter baby. I used one with my daughter. She would startle and cry with the cold wipes sometimes.

    I fanatically nested and wrote lists when I got pregnant with my first baby and it's starting to kick in even earlier with this pregnancy! My husband thinks I've lost my mind lol.

  6. wow! You had a lot on your mind! I agree with you totally about the bedhead look...I mean,really?! Sorry to hear about you fainting...hope you have completely recovered now?!

  7. I knew I wanted a wipe warmer (even though Daniel says that will be "spoiling him")early on because my cousin had one. She sang its praises early on and I'm all for a little something extra that will make my baby happier!

    I have fainted before! It's so not you say. I fainted when I was in high school after having some surgery on my mouth. It was awful. My dad told me to go to bed afterwards and I was afraid I'd never wake up again. :( I'll be praying abut these fainting spells.

    Also, I think that when the time comes, I'll be nesting hard core. I want to unpack everything I've gotten recently and put it up ALREADY! My mom told me to wait so that it doesn't get all dusty. :(

    Love ya!!!!


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