Monday, May 21, 2012

Vacation Days

Hey guys!

Boy, last week was a busy one! First off, as a lot of things in life, things didn't go as we had planned. Monday, John was coming home from work and the car started smoking. We found out that our radiator needed to be replaced. :( So our car had to go to the shop and it stayed there until Friday (pay day) We were lucky in that John had the whole week off and didn't need the car for the week. He had a training Tuesday and was blessed to be able to get a ride with a co-worker. So we were stuck at home for the first two days. John was talking to his cousin that lives in the same apartment complex as us, and she found out about our situation and generously offered to let us use her husband's jeep. So we got the jeep for Wednesday and Thursday and these pictures are proof of what we were able to get into for our two remaining days alone for vacation....

Playing Putt Putt golf at Udderly Delicious. Putt Putt Golf and ice cream...what a great combo?!

John being a stooge. ;)

The whole course/store had a cow theme.

Me and one of the (I'm 22 weeks here)

We had a cookout on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I'm so glad I'm only an hour away now.

The Blowing Rock

John and Sophie were on top of The Blowing Rock...Sophie couldn't stay still for a

The Blowing Rock

 We ended the day stopping by a roadside stand and getting a big jug of delicious homemade apple cider! So I think we made the most of the two days we had. The good news is that John has a good job and because he works three days on and two days off/vice versa, we don't have to use all of his vacation time at once, so we have another opportunity to do some things in July. I hope that we will have better luck and that I'm able to get around

*** It was hard choosing which pictures to use. So if you are interested in seeing them all, let me know, I'm always interested in getting new fb friends. ;)

<3 Anna


  1. Looks like a fun trip! The pictures are gorgeous! What a pretty drive.

  2. Your hubs as a stooge is hillarious, sorry about the car trouble, that's always the worst! Oh and you look FABULOUS 22 weeks preggo my dear!

  3. Your poor car :( But yay - for help! That's cool his cousin lives in the complex, I didn't know that.
    Fun and pretty photos...glad you were able to have some fun!! oxox


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