Monday, May 14, 2012

May Mother's Day Tribute: Granny and Gg

Hey everyone,

Today's post is in honor of my grandmother and great-grandmother. Both of these ladies have had such an impact on my life.

There are many memories of Friday nights spent at my grandmother's. We would eat junk food and watch the TGIF lineup. My sister's and I would organize dance performances and play music, probably waay too loud and my grandmother would be sitting there cheering us on. The next day we would enjoy Saturday morning cartoons and have a lunch of pizza pockets and mac and cheese. This was a regular weekend event. My grandmother has always been an active participant in my life, she made our birthday cakes and sent us sweet cards every holiday and she still does what she can to this day! Thanks granny for always being there! I love you!

My granny and me 

I have been fortunate in that I have been able to grow up and have an amazing relationship with my great-grandmother, lovingly known as GG.  All of our family gatherings are held at her home.  (I also have been lucky in that I lived within walking distance of my grandparents) My sisters and I would visit once, sometimes twice a week. We enjoyed playing with her china, having tea parties. We enjoyed hearing stories about family members and looking at pictures. There are so many good memories I share with GG. I look forward to visits with her and will actually see both of my grandparents this weekend. Thank you, GG for always being there and all of the wonderful memories! I love you!

GG and me

<3 Anna


  1. I'm sure you know that I lost my beloved great granny a couple of months ago. I feel to have known her for so long

  2. Aww. This is beautiful. HUGS. <3


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