Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend Roundup!

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend and this short week. (I always enjoyed that with school, it did make it easy to get days mixed up though!)

Our weekend began on Saturday. This has taken some getting used to with John working second shift now. We woke around 10ish and began getting ready for my family reunion. I made banana chocolate chip bread and despite my accidental substitution of almond extract instead of vanilla, it turned out pretty well. It was great visiting with family and seeing family members that I never get to see. Some of our family members have even begun working on studying our genealogy. Here's a really neat article that includes info on my family. :) Joseph and Hannah Gilpin were 5th great grandparents of Icie Eavenson (who was my great-great grandmother)

John worked on Sunday, but was able to get off work early and we got the car packed and headed to Greenville. Why Greenville? Because we know some pretty amazing people that live there. ;) Once we arrived we were greeted by our friends, Stephanie and Daniel. We also got to visit with Melanie, Stephanie's sister, who I enjoyed getting to know better. The first night was spent talking and the boys played video games.

Monday was Daniel's birthday, so much of the day was spent with pre-party festivities. Stephanie and Melanie made an amazing dinner for everyone and their cousins also joined us for the party. The evening ended with full stomachs and watching Smother and Scott Pilgrim. The latter being better than I expected.

Tuesday, John and Daniel got up early to get some more gaming time in. We then packed up the car and left just before lunch. Just before that, we got to visit with Michelle (Stephanie and Daniel's neighbor and a mutual friend) and I got to finally meet her dog Jinxy...who is much smaller in person! I think she would love Sophie! :) We then ate at A&W, which was my first time. I wasn't too impressed, but it was okay. We got home with plenty of time to spare and I was very glad that John didn't have to rush off to work.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. Sorry I didn't get pictures! I'm going to work on that, I promise! :)

<3 Anna

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