Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hey everyone!

Yes, I'm posting again today...lol. I couldn't wait. I've been thinking...and I could use some advice. I love my blog and I've been trying to get more serious with it. I was wondering if any of you are paid to blog? review products? etc.? I'm interested in getting more information about this and continuing to do what I love.

I'm just very much a newbie and don't want to get involved in anything like a scam.

Thoughts? Advice? Comments?

I would appreciate any.

<3 Anna


  1. Very cute blog and congrats on reaching 100 followers. I do not generate revenue with my blog either. How cool would it be if that could be my job? But it is now. :(
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I love getting new followers and getting to know them.

  2. Anna - loved being here... I know there are websites there that pay you to review products... but not blogs really. Look forward to reading more from you..

  3. I'm too scared too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for coming by and following.

  4. Excellent questions, Anna. I am not payed to blog, or review merchandise, or say certain things. I think it would be wonderful if that could be the case, but right now, I blog simply because I love it, and need a good, non-addicting, non-time-consuming hobby. I'm thinking about recruiting sponsors, once I get enough followers. Charging for sidebar space is a pretty good way to earn money, while helping other people in the process.

    Hope this helps! :)

    f e l i c i t y ☂, at
    {· · · s i m p l e {&} e l e g a n t · · · }

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! Consider me your newest stalker...um, I mean follower!

  6. Thank you for visiting me and becoming my 40th follower. I am returning the favour. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm following you back!



  8. If your goal is to do reviews and giveaways, I suspect there is money to be made. However, if you love to write, probably not much moula in that. I think I made a whopping $19 in a year through the ads on my sidebar. I finally got tired of looking at them, and took them out. Good luck though! I suspect you'll be very successful!

  9. I agree you don't usually make much money, but it is fun to review products just for the sake of getting freebies (as long as it's something you want enough to be worth the time and effort of reviewing it, because let's be honest it takes some time!) Here's the conclusion I've come to, the really big bloggers seem to make a decent amount of money (not a full salary by any means, but you know) but it takes a long time and a lot of work to get there. And with so many craft blogs out there now, it's going to be harder to "get a piece of the pie" but maybe in a more untapped niche you would have better luck? One thing's for sure, you've got to enjoy it because it doesn't pay much for the time you put into it! If you want any more advice feel free to email me, though I'm sure not an expert or anything!!!

  10. Thanks for posting this question. I am going to be checking back to see what you uncover.
    Thanks also for following me.... I am returning the favor!

  11. a follow back visit but will def come back to see the comments to your question. I am new also and had the same questions.

  12. Thanks everyone! I blog because I love to write. I guess I'm thinking like most people---wouldn't it be nice to get paid to do what I love?! I'll research and see what I can find, but I was very interested to see what you have to say. Please keep the comments coming;)

  13. You may want to get a twitter account. A lot of people paid to blog and such use it.

    As for getting into paid blogging, there are a lot of ways to get into that. If you give me a general idea of what you're blogging about, I could probably point you in a direction or two.

  14. Ewwww! I swore I'd never get one of those. If it would help, I would be willing to consider it though.

    I blog mainly about my life. Interests: gardening, sharing recipes, crafts, reviewing movies and books, etc.

    I'm interested in learning about product reviews also.


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