Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not your typical Valentine's Day...

Yesterday began as I expected, me bribing myself with coffee to get out of bed. I had breakfast, devotion, texted John "Happy Valentine's Day." The day progressed just as uneventfully, that is until about 1:00. I saw a strange car pull up in my driveway, wasn't too worried---people love to use our driveway to turn around. The man then stepped out of the car...I assumed he was lost and wanted directions. He came up to my door and knocked. I went to my bedroom with phone in hand. The man knocked on our door several times, then our neighbors. He then finally left. I was thankful. John called me about 30 mins later. I told him I was paranoid and he said he understood. This kind of threw me off, he then proceeded to tell me that our neighbor had been robbed. I told John that I saw the guy. The cops were there investigating and had contacted John. They then talked with me and I gave them a description. I was pretty much paralyzed with fear after that. I called and texted a few friends to keep myself from freaking out too much. Thankfully, the cops told me that the burglar was caught and our neighbor was able to get his things back. The cop said that Sophie (my dog) was the reason the guy didn't break into our place also. So Sophie got some extra spoiling yesterday.

So yesterday didn't go according to plan, I'm thankful things were sorted out as well as they were. I also found out that my dad had my mom's van repossessed. He showed little to no remorse and acted as usual like everything was my mom's fault. I'm so sick of him. My mom has done everything she can to be civil with him and he still has to act like an immature baby.

The evening continued on...John and I thought about getting take-out, but I decided that I wanted to go on with our plans. I didn't want that guy to ruin our evening. So we made dinner as planned: steak, baked potatoes with bacon and cheese, broccoli casserole, and lava cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert. John and I exchanged cards. He got me a lovely bouquet of flowers and other great surprises. The evening ended well and I learned how to load a shotgun...lol.

<3 Anna


  1. Thank God for Sophie! I'm so happy that man didn't try to rob your place!

  2. Thanks! It's been one crazy week so far!


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