Friday, July 9, 2010

23 blessings

I was wondering what I should do today---it being my last at 23. So my aunt suggested that I write down 23 blessings. At first I thought the task would be pretty simple, but then I got hung up on what the word blessing means....? So according, to, blessings-"something promoting or contributing to happiness, well being, or prosperity, a boon." It's as simple as that, though I think we complicate the so many words in general, that are associated with "Christianity" and "religion" ...those words even in and of themselves get twisted. Anyway, here's my list and I would also suggest that anyone who would like to, do this exercise. I think it's very important and worth remembering what "contributes to our happiness, well being, and/or prosperity."

1. God- It's interesting how it's hard to put the first person on my list into words. I guess it's because He is so great and yet I am horrible in recognizing all that He does for me and even greater the love He has for me. I hope in this next year of my life I can truly seek Him more.

2. my husband- I am so thankful for the relationship I have been given with my husband. I know that it is truly a great gift. I am so happy to spend my life with such a wonderful and loving man.

3. my family- I couldn't ask for a more loyal family. Through the good times and the bad, I know I can count on them for support.

4. my friends- To all my real friends...I'm so thankful for your time, your thoughts, your prayers. You are amazing and you know who you are:)

5. Sophie- Okay, so hands down...I have the world's greatest dog. You will never meet a more loving, loyal, precious, kind, etc. dog....EVER!

6. my home- I'm so glad to have a place that's mine. There are so many happy memories and as cliche as it house is a home:)

7. my health- Okay, so I know that I don't have the best of luck with the common cold...but other than that, I'm a fairly healthy person. I hope to do better with that in the coming year.

8. my education- My parents always stressed to me the importance of a good education. I'm so glad that I continued it and plan to continue learning and not letting that ability go to waste.

*****The next few are in no particular order and may seem a bit random...but they give me a great deal of joy*****

*writing- When I was in the second grade, my teacher encouraged me to write and continue writing the stories that gave me so much joy. Sadly, I don't write very often now, but the passion for writing never died...I think it just got pushed away like many of my dreams. I hope to do more writing this year.

*reading-Ever since I learned how to read, I never stopped. Reading is something I will forever get enjoyment from and how I gained my nickname "Belle"

*cooking- Cooking is a new joy of mine. I love to find new recipes and try new things. I'm always up for a cooking challenge and definitely love food;)

*hugs- I think hugs are one of God's greatest gifts. I don't know how many times I have felt better because of a hug:)

*art- I love to look in wonder of others creation. Art is such a wonderful inner form of outward expression:)

*animals- I practically grew up on a farm..I am 100 percent an animal lover. If I could I would have another dog right now...and many new additions of various species.

*children-I'm at a point in my life where even though I don't feel like I'm ready for children...I practically oooh and aaahh over every cute kid I see:) I think being a parent is a huge responsibility but one of the greatest gifts ever.

* walks- I do some of my best thinking in either the shower or on a good walk. I enjoy the walks the most because a good change in scenery usually clears my head.

*movies- A good movie can really cheer you up. I love pretty much anything---with the exception of horror. Movie recommendation: How to Train your Dragon...just left me feeling so happy and like my money was well spent:)

*my bucket list- I haven't crossed much off, but writing it and thinking about the things I want to do...makes me excited for future plans:)

*dreams- I've always been a dreamer. I dream big and hope that I can accomplish at least one of those big dreams some day.

*memories- I've got a lot of good ones and even with people who are no longer involved in my life. That's the great thing about memories, you can always bring them back to the surface and relive them a little again.

*music- Another good example of expression. There are so many songs tied to so many feelings, memories, etc. I love being able to relate a song to whatever I'm feeling at the time.

*nature- I know I'm 100 percent girly girl....but I love being out in nature. It kind of goes with what I was saying earlier about walks:)

*a cup of coffee- This is possibly the simplest of them all. Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee to start your day:)

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