Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goodbye to a Friendship?

I couldn't sleep I've been thinking about a far away friend...

I remember the movie marathons

I remember you calling me your little sister.

I remember laughter and tears.

I remember meals shared.

I remember you taking me to the gym to punch things, when I couldn't contain my rage.

I remember your hugs.

I remember talking ALOT.

I remember meeting your family and loving them as much as my own instantly.

I remember joking with John that you would steal me away.

I remember your heart.

I remember joking about Slater's spandex.

I remember all this and more, have you forgotten?...

and one last thing I remember, I remember saying that I didn't care about our friendship that I was ready to let go...I LIED. :(


  1. *hug* I know who and what you mean....

  2. *hug* Thanks...we've done all we can. I sincerely hope that eyes will be open and this friendship can be salvaged.


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