Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do you have a tattoo? Or perhaps you like them? Talk about it.

I do not have a tattoo. I think they are a great form of special expression and I am not against having them. I personally, do not have anything that I would want forever on my body and I'm also pretty squeamish with needles:/

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  1. Hey Anna!

    I have 3 tattoos. The first one I got is a palm tree on the inside of my left ankle. I went to Florida to celebrate my birthday with my mom and we both got the same one in the same place. The got the next one like 4 months later..in Florida..when I was on spring break (this is all in high school). It is on my lower back (I didn't know people referred to those as "tramp stamps" at the time for I would not have gotten it there) and it is a Chinese symbol meaning "odd". I know that's strange but I thought it looked cool and I also thought of myself as a little odd so it was fitting. My third tattoo was gotten while I was in my second or third year at college. It is on the inside of my right ankle closer to my foot and it says love. The 'o' in the word is a heart with a cross in it. I got that idea from Brittani Panozzo. She had a heart with a cross in it on the back of her neck. I told her I liked it so much I might steal the idea from her and she thought that would be neat. Also, Daniel and I got this tattoo together..he has the same one except his is located on his left upper arm. It means that we love each other but we love God more. The actual tattoo means we love the Lord but the placing means we love each other. Dan is right-handed so I got it on my right side and I'm left-handed so he got his on the left. Well, there you have it. Tattoos. I love'em and want d want more. :) The next one I want is either one I get with my mom and sis or "Hated stirs up strife but love covers all sins" in hebrew

  2. I've heard they are addictive....lol.


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