Saturday, February 27, 2010

Words from GoldenGirlFan:)

Love: Love is one of the greatest emotions of all. Often misunderstood and associated with red roses, chocolates, and cheesy "love" songs. I'm also pretty positive that it is used far too often and far too loosely. Thankfully, I have a Father and husband that prove to me everyday that true love isn't dead.

John Leviner: I don't know what I would do without my husband. He is pretty much the only person on the planet that truly understands my madness;)As cheesy as it sounds I love him more and more each day. He's the jelly to my peanut butter the macaroni to my cheese:D I'm so glad that God blessed me with such an amazing husband.

Social Work: A few years ago, I thought this was it. The job that I would be doing the rest of my I've come to the end of my program and I have no idea:/

archaeology: Ever since I was in the third grade I've been interested in archaeology. My mom even got me a subscription to an archaeology magazine for kids. My dream was to travel to Egypt and discover an ancient artifact or who knows...I still would love to go a dig one day...that would be pretty ahhhhmazing:D

interior design: Also another career thought awhile back...anyway, I love interior design, I hope to one day be able to better decorate my home and have some couch covers that are not a hideous shade of red:/


  1. You know you could combine your last two job possibilities, you could dig up an ancient tomb then decorate it, he he he. yay me, i made funny. me and the wife miss you guys.

  2. I love all of your explanations. :) (I just don't know what's up with MY husband and calling me "the" wife) I don't think I like it :( But he IS right...WE DO MISS YOU GUYS!

  3. :) We miss you guys too! We'll have to figure out a way to get together in the near future;)


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